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Competition closed

DIY Craftz Article Contest
Price: $50


-You will create a DIY Craft with at-least 500 words
-Prices of your crafts parts and supplies should be converted into USD currency
-Article and images must be owned, original and free from plagiarism
-The contest will end on October 28
-Only 1 winner will be selected and your article will published on https://diycraftz.com
-The winner’s article will be owned by DIY Craftz
-All participants should register at https://diycraftz.com/wp-login.php?action=register
-Unlucky participants may decide if they wish to publish their article on diycraftz.com
in exchange for backlink or just simply delete it.
-DIY Craftz reserve the right to not declare the winner if all submitted articles are not according to our standard.

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