Wine and Design

As a child I always loved to do various arts and crafts. My favorite class was always art, even though I always liked what other people did better. As I got older, they started offering art classes less and less but I continued with my own favorite parts of art. I enjoy coloring, painting, making stuff with beads and drawing. A couple years ago, a new idea sparked throughout the Unites States called wine and design. The idea was to bring friends together over art and wine, to bring laughs and stories to the art room and class. This trend is growing rapidly more popular all the time everywhere in the US. This class can be booked for private parties, group functions or just a simple couple to few friend hangout night. The class is available to people of all ages, as well as skill level. Even if you have never painted before I promise you it will be fun.

Wine and Design

Wine and design is offered by many different companies throughout the US. You can pick a design you want to paint, bring some wine to the class and design away. Children and young adults can also participate in these classes. The company provides you with one design to paint, various paint colors, an apron to protect your clothes, paint brushes, cups of water to rinse your brushes and a dryer to make sure your design is dry before you put it in your car. The class is offered every day of the week, on Saturdays they offer 2 to 3 different classes at different times during the day. The class lasted about 2 hours for a simple design, but some can last up to 3 or 4 hours depending on the difficulty. The class I took was full and there was only about 10 people in the class. There were both men and women in the class, all various ages. Each person at the end had their own different take on the design.

Wine and Design 2

During the class, there is an artist at the front showing you how they did the paint the way they did. The easel has the design already drawn out for you, so all you have to do is paint. The artist will also walk around and help you with whatever you may need. You can follow the design the artist has provided for you or you can take your own spin on the project. Since this was my first time I decided to follow closely to what the artist did, even though mine still turned out differently. The artist was very helpful and direct while explaining the various techniques she used during the class. She was happy to repeat the instructions if people missed what she said or did not understand. She also helped to fix your painting if you feel you messed up. I truly enjoyed my time with my friend over wine and art. I will continue to do this over and over again, as they always offer different designs.

Wine and Design 3


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