Welcome Friends Doormat! DIY

It’s no secret that most of us military families should be pretty adept at the whole picking-up-and-moving-our-families-across-the-country thing, right? In some cases, across the ocean!! It’s a bittersweet thing… we have to say goodbye to great friends as our career (or our spouse’s… or both!) takes us to places we may never have gone otherwise. But we are also given the chance to meet many new wondrous people along the way. And we’re given new adventures to partake in. New cities to explore. New homes to decorate!

I came across this super cute, DIY, doormat project from Sarah Hearts and instantly loved the country feel it has. Annnnd, I can’t lie, it looked incredibly easy. What more reason did I need to give it a shot??? The results were incredible and I’m torn between keeping it or giving it away because, think about it, what an AWESOME housewarming gift would this make!? Made from the heart to welcome a new friend to the neighborhood… I would cry if someone knocked on my door with this!! But on the otherhand, it would also make a perfect gift to yourself. You know, to say “good job on the move and unpacking all of your crap and living in a hotel in between houses and on surviving off of hamburger helper for a month.” Come on, we’ve all been there! And, if I may add, those are reason enough to treat yourself. Yes, most definitely.

So check this out – the materials needed are quite simple. I did change up a few things from the original post so here’s my version:


  • Accent rug durable enough for high traffic areas – this was literally written right on the label. I chose an 18″ x 24″, grey, indoor/outdoor mat. The original post called for a plain, sisal doormat but my intentions are for this bad boy to sit on the inside of the front door as opposed to on the porch.
  • Painters tape
  • A paintbrush and white craft paint (or any color of your choosing)
  • A heart shaped decal. I cut one out of some extra contact paper I had around the house. Anything sticky will do.


The first step


Did you believe me when I said this was SIMPLE??? All you have to do is put a strip of painters tape right down the middle of your mat. If you are using a larger mat then you may want to use 2 strips of tape, laid side by side, whereas I have only used 1 strip. Follow the numbers I have posted on the picture above – after planting down the middle mark (1), then find the halfway mark between the right edge and the middle mark (2), then find the halfway point between the left edge and the middle (3), and lastly just stick some tape on each edge. Essentially we have just broken our mat down into quarters with a little edging on the sides.


The second step


Connect the tops of each strip of tape into a triangular point to create the roofs of your houses. Make them all heights- play with it!


The third step-


Place your heart decal on the house of your choice. Don’t worry about chimneys just yet but go ahead and paint on your doors and windows. This is now your creation- make a door thicker than another, add one window here, two windows there. There is no wrong way to do this!


The fourth step


Start painting! Begin at the edges of your tape and swipe your paintbrush inwards towards the center of the house to keep a clean line. The paint may look gloppy in some places (nope, I don’t think that’s a real word- but you knew what it meant, didn’t ya?) but don’t stress it. We are going to apply a second coat next…


The LAST step


Carefully remove your tape. Add a chimney to a house of your choice (or all 4!)  and then set aside for 24 hours to completely dry.


This project took me 1 hour and 10 minutes just to tape and paint. It is a little time consuming. But it’s “easy peasy” as my kiddos say, and I think the finished product looks like a hundred bucks!

Now, to try and decide whether to keep it or gift it… HMMMMM. Decisions, decisions.


Have fun! I’d love to see how your doormats come out! Feel free to share in the comments below.

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