Top 5 Amazing Gift Ideas under $50

It is lovely to receive gifts but what about gifting others? It is tough, right? Besides understanding preferences of the person whom you are gifting, another factor which is of prime importance is the price tag. Whatever may be the event, the following gifts will surely bring a smile just not on the face of the recipient but also on yours, as the price is affordable.

Jewelry & Watches

jewelry and watches

Whether it is Valentine’s day or birthday, anniversary or wedding, women love jewelry. Now you can get crystalline, pearl or beads necklace and earring set online; these remarkable ranges of jewelry can be a perfect match on weddings, proms and can be worn by women of all ages. Brands like Victoria Secret have come up with such exquisite pieces. Besides crystals, you can also get Swiss zirconia stone and Korean pearl studded earrings under 50 dollars; gold toned and oxidized jewelry set is also available within the range of $50. These artificial jewelry are lightweight and made with good quality metal which is not allergic to the skin. Nowadays, even branded jewelry sets are available at affordable prices!

What more, now even fancy watches are available within 50 USD. For example, the beautiful Ladies Act Watch can give a perfect evening look with its elegant blue dial. Want to thank the nurse who helped you get cured? Gift her a nurse watch. From flower printed brooches to chained watches with smileys, these nurse watches are luminous, which glow even in the dark. Top brands like Pawnshop, Ravel, Top Plaza, and Lancardo manufacture and offer these gift watches at a price below 50 dollars.



If your friend is in love with a vintage lifestyle, gift him or her an antique piece. While antiques are rare and quite expensive, there are some rare antique gems which are quite low priced. For example, a watercolored vintage rooster, antitrust lamps starting from approximately $45, vintage Roman pillars exhibiting images of man and woman are some of the best antique items which can add an American vibe to the home or office. The pre-30s linens and textiles, which include Cluny Lace, white checkered lace apron and many such casual men and women clothing will be loved by any fashionista. You can even get mid-century furniture, like desk lamps below 50 dollars. A wide range of antiques and arts can be your saver this gifting season for sure.

Fragrances & Makeup


If you are gifting someone who you know well, perfumes or fragrances can be the best gift. Floral based, leather-based or fruit-based perfumes, there are loads of options available within the budget of 50 dollars.
Makeup gift baskets are splendid gift items on weddings, receptions, birthdays and anniversaries. Now top rated makeup palettes, kits, brush, eyeliners, lip gloss, and lipsticks are available at the e-commerce sites at prices lower than $50; so next time you find your friend riffling through your makeup box, gift her one!

Cell Phones & Accessories

This is one of the most stylish gift items which is easily available under 50 dollars. Let your special ones look stylish and glamorous with Maryland flag sunglasses, Montana West sunglasses studded with colored stones and many such accessories. Accessories might also include cool headphones for music lovers which are available at a price as low as $28. Surprisingly you can even gift a Samsung i997 Infuse with 4G internet connection, Palm Treo 650 or Centro 690 which are now available at prices lower than 50 dollars. Smartwatch accessories like leather belts, charging stands, cases and protectors are also perfect gifts for tech-savvy friends or even to your boss.

Gift cards & Coupons

gift cards

Lastly, if you are not sure about the choices and preferences of the person whom you are gifting, then the gift coupons and cards can serve as the best option. Special discounts to wine cellars, pizza, eyewear and ice cream; gift cards for various kinds of products are now available at online marketplace sites like eBay and TrueGether and that too at a price lesser than 50 dollars.

Last but not least, please do remember the birthday of your spouse because not remembering that day can lead to your death, ok not really but it can save you from gifting expensive things. Next time when you gift something, do not let the budget come into your way by shopping smart!

Author: Vivek Dadhich
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