Simple yet cute ways to personalize your stuff

Simple yet cute ways to personalize your stuff

Personalizing is one of the most attractive methods in creating art. In fact, DIY projects are inspired of personalization, but sometimes, personalizing can take quite a lot of time and resources. But worry not, for there are still simple ways to personalize your belongings without spending too much money and time. In this post, I will share some of the ways on how to make your stuff unique and in accordance to your personal preferences and personality.

1. Draw / doodle
Not everyone can draw or doodle exactly the same, that’s why this is one of the most effective ways to own your stuff. With drawing and doodles also, one can express his or her thoughts and emotions creatively. Doodles are cute mini drawings that you can insert almost anywhere – you can doodle on your notebook or a blank piece of paper, cut them out, and stick them anywhere you want them to be seen. This is mostly great for little children who are still learning how to draw.

2. Use stickers and washi tape
Stickers and washi tapes are now popular tools when it comes to personalization, especially to girls. They are easy to use and are really cute and colorful, which can add character to your stuff. They are also helpful in decorations because they carry patterns within them. It is also a fun activity to mix and match stickers and washi tapes together, experimenting between colors, patterns, and designs. Additionally, washi tapes are flexible that they can be cut into different shapes, making customization better.

3. Label your stuff beautifully
In labeling your stuff, you can mix and match the materials to create something unique that suits your personality – personalize with your favorite color, with your favorite character from a movie, book, or TV series, have a theme on your things, anything! Everything is possible in personalizing because you are the boss here and the final decision is still up to you. Label your stuff according to your interest and you’ll have more fun.

4. Do brush lettering on your stuff
Brush lettering is one of the growing trends in today’s art and it is capturing the interest of many, especially the younger generation. This art of writing letters more beautifully can also be a way to personalize your stuff. Develop your own font and practice them, then use them to either label your stuff or write quotes majestically to hang on anywhere you want to see them.

There are many ways to personalize our things to make them uniquely our own. Thanks to DIY, we can achieve artistry on our own little ways.

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