Simple and easy yet cute ways to use washi tape for your DIY projects

Who can resist the cuteness of washi tapes? Because of their unique designs, there are just too many ways available to use them into simple and quick DIY projects. This post will give a preview on how you can use washi tapes into various ways.

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  1. Borders for notebook pages

Washi tapes are great for decorating! If you want some extra spice on your notebooks, just gather around your favorite washi tapes and start sticking them around your notebook pages’ corners! This will also give your notebook a more personalized touch.

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  1. DIY washi phone case

Smartphones today are also customizable. This makes a DIY phone case suitable as its partner! For this project, a crafter only needs to be creative and a set of washi tapes (better if it is color or pattern coordinated) and a clear case of your phone model and you’re all set! You can wrap your chosen washi tapes in a series of patterns and such to create a unique design.

(photo by Jessica Okui)

  1. DIY washi bookmark

Bookmarks are a must for bookworms! If you’re both a book lover and a crafter then this project is perfect for you. Just grab a kraft / specialty paper, create a triangular shape bookmark fit for the upper right edge of the pages, wrap washi tapes around it and you’re all set! You can also create one that is on the size of the common bookmarks available in stores. Just wrap around your best set of washi tapes in patterns or color coordinated run and you’re good to go! It’s best to write something motivational or inspiring on the bookmark, to make it more special.

(photo from the writer)

  1. Washi tape thank you / gift card

The holiday season is near and whenever we give out gifts for our loved ones and friends, we write little notes for them and stick these on the gift wrapper. Why not go less traditional this time and create a DIY card out of washi tapes? This project will give your gifts’ recipients a more special feeling upon receiving their gift from you.

(photo from the writer)

  1. Washi tape page dividers

For those planner junkies, this DIY project is a must for you! Organize the section of your planners in style with washi tapes! Create tabs out of cardboard and stick them on your planner dividers, cover these with washi tape, label with the sections after, and you’re all done!


Creating washi inspired DIY projects surely will give you the creativity push you need.

Enjoy crafting with washi tapes! Let me know which washi project you did.

Apple Joy Villamar

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