Simple DIY Advent “Wreathless” Candle Craft

Sunday, December 3rd is the first Sunday of Advent. Many people around the world celebrate this time in preparation for Christmas. My post on Monday offered a printable free Advent calendar for download celebrating the 24 days prior to Christmas. Our Christmas craft today is an Advent wreath.



Celebrate Advent with wreath and candles



I got my first Advent wreath decades ago. It was a simple metal wreath with faux greenery and four calendar holders marking the four Sundays before Christmas.  Some Advent wreaths have a 5th white candle in the center for Christmas Day. Advent wreaths are an ancient tradition going back as far as Roman times. Today there are various customs according to several liturgical denominations involving the color of the candles and their significance.  On the first Sunday, a candle is lit and a prayer or scripture read. Snuff out the candle. Please don’t blow it out or the hot melted wax might spray. The next Sunday light the first and the second. Have a service and extinguish the candle. Each week light in order, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  until the last Sunday there are four candles burning. The candles do not have to burn down but can burn for your remembrance and be extinguished. If you want a Christmas Day candle, the four candles and a fifth white candle all are burning on Christmas.



Make Your Own Advent “Wreath”


Yes, you could make any kind of wreath, place it on a table with 4 candleholders, and you’re set.  Did you know you don’t really need to buy or make a wreath for Advent candles? You can celebrate each Sunday leading up to Christmas with a simple vignette of 4 candles with decorations and if desired the 5th candle for Christmas Day.  Today I’m making my Advent Wreathless Vignette with 4 clear glass custard cups, a box of salt, a spray of silver berries, and a card with 2 Christmas ornaments of silver bells. I’ve had the custard cups for decades. All you need are 4 clear glass bowl or cups.  All four do not have to match.  You’ll notice I have two sets of 2 I’m using. The salt was 47 cents at Aldi, a pack of 4 candles, ornaments and spray are  from Dollar Tree. The small package of chocolate kisses from Dollar Tree will be used to decorate the vignette later. Cost for making this wreathless Advent candles display without the Christmas Day candle is $3.47.


Supplies included custard dishes, a box of salt, a pack of 4 candles, 2 bell ornaments, and 1 spray of silver berries from dollar store


I put a candle in each cup and poured salt around it. It looks snowy and is not flammable. My mother taught me to put out grease fires in the kitchen with a box of salt years ago.


Put a candle in each custard cup and pour salt around it





Put a candle in each of the 4 custard cups for the 4 Sundays of Advent




I cut the little silver berries off the spray and put a few around the candle on the salt to make it decorative.



I cut the little silver berries off the dollar store spray and dropped them in the custard cups on the salt





Drop silver berries in all 4 cups.


I cut the little silver berries off the dollar store spray and dropped them in the custard cups on the salt.




I wanted to have the optional Christmas Candle. Recently I bought the little silver reindeer candle holder at Walmart for $5.  The pillar candle and silver bell ornaments are from Dollar Tree and cost $2.


If you want to do an optional candle for Christmas Day, use any candleholder you like with a white candle. I bought this little reindeer at Walmart for $5. The pillar candle is from the dollar store.




I place my deer in a vintage petal glass bowl I have in my collection.  Again fill the bottom of the bowl with salt. It’s starting to look nice and wintery.  I cut two sets of leaves off the silver berry garland and placed them on both sides of the deer on the salt. A few silver berries complete the look.


I put salt in my vintage petal bowl around the deer candleholder. I add 2 leaves from the spray of berries and a few silver berries.




I put salt in my vintage petal bowl around the deer candleholder. I added 2 leaves from the spray of berries and a few silver berries.



For fun, I cut the silver bells off the Dollar Tree ornaments and put one on each side of the deer.


dollar store ornaments for decorating the candles



The silver bows from the ornaments were also added to the bowl.  I placed the bowl on a circular lace placemat with the 4 Advent Candle Cups in front. A few  silver chocolate kisses around the bowl and cups and my Advent Wreathless Vignette is complete.


Simple Advent Wreathless Candles.




You can use any color candle, salt, placemat, and ribbons that you desire – red, green, gold, turquoise….make it to suit your taste and home. If you have a beautiful candleholder, make it the center of the vignette for Christmas and use small glass bowls around it.  You can vary this idea and it will never look like my arrangement.  Make it your own.



I added the silver bells and ribbon for the dollar store ornments





For more ideas on making Advent vignettes and celebrating Advent, see Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent: Wreaths, Calendars, & Activities on my blog.  Merry Christmas!



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