Reasons why you should DIY for your Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts

The spirit of Christmas is just around the corner and this is the season of gift giving! Have you already planned and bought your gifts for your friends and loved ones? Admittedly, we tend to find the cheapest yet still good quality gifts for our loved ones this holiday season. Why not do some DIY, especially if you’re on the rush? In this post, I will enumerate some of the good reasons why it is Christmas is a DIY season.

  1. DIY gifts will make the person feel more loved and special.

DIY is one good way of expressing your feelings towards a particular person because it will show your dedication and hardwork for his or her gift. A recipient of a DIY present will most likely feel special and loved by the one who is giving the gifts. Through DIY also, a more personal touch would be included in the gifts, which will make the recipient of the gift feel lucky and blessed with it. He or she will have an idea how much he or she means for that person through gifts.

  1. DIY gifts are relatively cheaper.

DIY gifts can help you save money by recycling. For example, in wrapping your gifts, instead of using the traditional Christmas gift wrappers you can buy in the market, you can reuse some paper (like newspapers and other used paper types which are clean) to wrap your present and personalize it by putting some designs like calligraphy. This will give your gift a personalized look and at the same time, you’ll get to preserve more money that you can buy more gifts for your other friends or relatives.

  1. DIY gifts are enjoying to create.

Since DIY projects can be a way to distress by some people, DIY gifts should also feel the same. Creating DIY gifts can also be a source of bonding for families and friends. Also, DIY presents can produce a satisfied feeling after creation.


Have we already convinced you enough to do DIY presents? Try this idea now and let us know the results! Have fun in doing DIY during the holiday seasons! Also, remember that gifts should not necessarily be expensive. As the cliché saying states, it’s the thought that counts and it really should be like that. Celebrate Christmas with hearts filled of love and compassion for everyone! Happy Holidays!

Apple Joy Villamar

AJ is a 22-year-old Bachelor of Arts in Journalism graduate from University of the East, Manila and currently the Digital Content Producer for MOR 101.9 of ABS-CBN Corporation. She is also a freelance writer and a brush lettering and calligraphy hobbyist. Her blog, ProeticShadows is inspired mainly of two art forms: Lettering and Writing. The blogger aims to influence through her creative passions that can give the world a glimpse with who she really is and how she expresses herself.

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