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Robot Wooden Music Box Model Building Kit - 3D DIY Assembly

Robot Wooden Music Box Model Building Kit - 3D DIY Assembly

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Build your own robotic music box with this Robot Wooden Model Building Kit. This 3D DIY assembly kit is perfect for both kids and adults who love puzzles and mechanical engineering. Made of high-quality wood and precision laser cutting, the finished product is a fully-functional robotic music box complete with a mechanical movement, rotating gears and a music box that plays a tune when wound. Assembly of this building kit not only provides hours of entertainment but also helps to improve problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and patience. The finished product makes a great decorative piece and conversation starter for any room in the house. This kit is perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects, wooden puzzles, and mechanics, and want to add a touch of music to their decor. Get your hands on this building kit today and start building your own unique robot music box.

AM681 Assembly Size: 148*140*145mm
AM680 Assembly Size: 181*100*196mm
AM601 Assembly Size: 150*92*185mm
AM481 Assembly Size: 148*131*208mm
AM480 Assembly Size: 146*146*131mm

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