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231 Piece DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Wall Clock

231 Piece DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Wall Clock

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Learn about mechanics and design while creating your own unique wall clock with this DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Wall Clock. This building block set is perfect for kids and adults who love puzzles and mechanical engineering. Made of high-quality wood, this laser-cut kit ensures a perfect fit and smooth finish for the finished product. The clock is a fully-functioning replica of a clock with moving parts and a clockwork mechanism. The building process will not only provide hours of entertainment but also help improve problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and spatial reasoning. This clock, when assembled can be a great addition to any room as a stylish and functional decor. Whether you're a clock enthusiast or just enjoy building models, this DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Wall Clock is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. Get your hands on this building block set today and start building your own unique wall clock.

Assembly Size:: 11.7in*4.5in*25in

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