Poinsettia Planter Easiest Christmas Craft Ever

My favorite Christmas craft is so simple. I update my planter for the holidays and the whole room changes. Four years ago I bought a planter of green houseplants and a small poinsettia for the holiday season. The little poinsettia died within 2 weeks but the greenery was healthy and happy. I filled in the bare spot with faux flowers and a new creation emerged.   Now seasonally I update that planter – it’s the easiest and cheapest DIY ever and it’s good for you too.  Houseplants clean the air, can assist your immunity, and speed up healing.


Fall Planter 2016
Autumn Planter Update


Seasonal Planter
Planter Updates Over Several Years


To make your Poinsettia Christmas Craft Planter, you of course must start with a few green plants in a planter. If you don’t have any green houseplants, I suggest you start with the easiest ones that require low light such as Philodendron, Pothos and Spider Plant.  The Spider Plant is available in dark green and variegated forms such as the green with white edges below in my planter below.  Philodendron and Pothos are vines that grow  easily in homes and offices. They do not like direct sun.




Before Empty Planter



This is my planter without any added decorations. It has several house plants including Spider Plants and Pothos. You can use small or large containers. Mine is larger but still easy to care for. I water about every 5 to 7 days. The planter has a well for water at the bottom and the plants like to dry a little between watering.  Care of plants varies according to the type you have. I put the planter in the ktichen sink and use the spray with a very low water pressure. It gently cleans and waters. I tilt the planter to pour out some of the water from the well. I then use a vintage melamine platter under the container.  Water can continue to drip in to the well and can cause an overflow. You need to protect your furniture. I begin adding to it on the kitchen counter after watering. Most of my flowers and decorations are from the dollar store.


If caring for real plants is not appropriate for your situation, artificial plants can also be used. If it is a profesional arrangement, you will usually only be able to put the flowers among the faux greenery and cannot push it in the bottom surface as it’s hard.  I’ve changed faux arrangements of plants and flowers by adding seasonal items. You usually cannot remove orginal items without damaging the arrangement permanently.

Poinsettia Planter Christmas Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • A planter with green houseplants
  • Faux flowers appropriate for the season or holiday
  • Optional, ribbons, picks, burlap or other decorative elements



Dollar Tree & Walmart Poinsettias & Christmas Pics


Artificial poinsettia bunch and red fern






  1. Remove any decorations from planter
  2. Remove any dying leaves
  3. Put in kitchen sink and water thoroughly
  4. Put on an appropriately sized melamine plate or platter
  5. Using dollar store wire cutters, cut any faux flowers that come in a bunch into individual flowers
  6. Begin placing largest flowers in center
  7. Add flowers or decorations to the sides and back
  8. Vary height of decorations and flowers and textures
  9. Adjust as needed for maximum effect
  10. Add pics, ribbons appropriate for the season or holiday
  11. Wrap ribbon, burlap, or fabric around the planter, optional
  12. Place you Poinsettia Planter Christmas Craft on the dining table, a side table or stand
  13. If you don’t want a red poinsettia go with white or gold



Poinsettia flowers in planter





Poinsettia Planter, the easiest DIY ever



Poinsettia Planter Christmas Craft Displayed on Side Table

Poinsettia Planter in Living Room, Easiest DIY Ever





Happy Holidays!


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