Plastic Ornamental Stand for Jewelleries

plastic ornamental stand for jewelleries

Beauty comes with a price and jewellery is my favourite addiction.  I am always buying earrings that match with my outfit, finding rings for every occasion, and necklaces that make a bold fashion statement. Besides buying, there are pieces of jewellery that you are given as gifts or as souvenirs. All this are part and parcel of a woman’s beauty set and so we buy and stock up these pieces of jewellery until storage becomes an issue. Mistakes then kick in when we are in a hurry to get to work or a meeting when we wear two earrings that are almost similar but aren’t the same. This is why I decided to make a plastic ornamental stand.
It happened to me every time until the fateful day I heard this, “Hey, why have you won two different earrings?”  These words were a turning point in my life as I decided to look for a better way to store my jewellery.  Women have different preferences when it comes to storing jewellery, and I prefer having my jewellery in the open to save time as am preparing for work or going for a date. As such, I set out to look for a good storage antique that all my jewellery would fit in, but they were way out of my budget.  Besides that, it did not suit my needs because I wanted a stand and the antique was just a box with a lot of partitions, and it would occupy tons of space whereas a stand would store a lot of jewellery and save space. I did not give up, I kept on looking at stores, malls and online but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

As I was about to give up, I came across the plastic jewellery stand as  I was watching a designer show in FINE LIVING where designers teach DIYs. The project sparked an interest in me since I am a conservationist and what a way to go green than in my bedroom. The ornamental stand was under 5 dollars, and most of the equipment and supplies were easily found. I tried making a stand and the first time the trays were not aligned, I tried it again, and I was fortunate. So, what better way to express my joy to the world other than to show off this plastic ornamental stand.  I posted an image on Instagram and Facebook, and the love was overflowing. Women were asking where I got this unique stand and wanted to buy it from me. I was overwhelmed by the messages, and they inspired me to share on how I stumbled upon this masterpiece.
I collected and bought some of these items;

•    Eight 2l plastic bottle (from Mountain Dew or Sprite) depending on how high you want your stand.
•    Utility knife
•    12 inch threaded rod
•    Coordinating nuts
•    Scissors
•    dremel
•    Driller
I got the plastic bottles from my pantry where I have a lot stashed.  I also bought the 12 inches threaded rod at a hardware store for less than three bucks.  I borrowed the trimmer, and driller from the neighbour and I bought the nuts for 2 dollars.
Once everything was ready I got to work. Here the steps to follow:

Step 1
Begin by cutting the bottles using the sharp utility knife. I had a hard time making a straight cutting since I lacked the precision.  Eventually, I came up with a remedy to improve the accuracy where you take a string, tie it at the circumference of the bottle, and then make the markings using a felt pen, then zing!!! Make that cut. As you cut, you want to use the bottom part of the bottle which looks like flower petals.
Step 2
once you have made the clippings, take the scissors and trim the cuttings to make them shallower. After this, you will be left with flower-like petals. Leaving petals shallow or deep is your choice. I prefer the shallow cuttings because it is easier to get the jewellery as they are just lying on top.
Step 3
the next step involves drilling small holes in the middle of the trimmings. Take the trimmings and then drill a hole that is the size of the threaded rod. Ensure you are drilling on a working surface unless you are willing to destroy your furniture.
Make these holes at the centre of each tray as these holes will decide the alignment of the trays once the stand is complete.

getting a drill can be a bit costly, but you can still make the holes using the threaded rod. You only need to heat the rod until it becomes red-hot then look for a small indentation at the bottom side of the trimming and press on it. The hot rod will burn the notch and make a hole that will fit the rod.
Caution should be taken as you do not want to make a big hole that wouldn’t fit the rod.

plastic ornamental stand

You can also cut in between the petals of the tray to craft a bracelet hanger. Cut as low as you can by going in a direction close to the centre and then make the edges smooth by using the Dremel. To remove the fuzzy pieces of plastic brought about by the Dremel, you can make the petal softer by using a metal file.

The bracelet hanger should be placed at the bottom of other trays as the bracelets would obstruct you as you are looking for your earrings and rings.
Almost there do not give up. It may seem like a lot of work, but I promise the patience will pay off. Take the trimmings and the threaded rod, and you can start assembling your ornamental tray. Pick the rod and insert it into the holes made on the platters.

The platters should be in the middle of two nuts one at the bottom and the other at the top then close each nut tightly to give the platters a firm grip. The middle tray will be a bit difficult to put in place, but you’ll adjust it correctly.
Finally, you can fix the bottom that will act as a support system to the plastic ornamental stand. For aesthetic purposes, you can stick a glass bead on the top part where the nuts are visible. I stuck a silver bead on mine just to give it a sparkly effect.
As I was still experimenting, I also found nuts that would allow the trays to rotate. The only difference would be making bigger holes in the middle of each tray. And of course, it’s a bit more expensive.
Time for testing now
The stand is finally ready, and you can put your ornaments on the stand. You can also customize your plastic ornamental stand by making partitions on each tray using plastic or paper. In my case, my ornaments are in their boxes, and I leave the boxes open to leave the partition impression. Have fun while making your stand and make as many mistakes as possible. Do not forget to test your creativity by adding something extra.

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