Make Your Own Mosaic Ornaments! Decorating on a Budget

The holidays can get quite expensive, am I right or am I right? You probably just prepared a month’s worth of groceries for a Thanksgiving feast and then who can resist those Black Friday deals and now it’s time to start checking off the kiddo’s Christmas wish-list… Oh, and Susie Q at work wants to have a Secret Santa and you also donate to the homeless shelter every holiday and whoops, now the truck needs new tires. Expenses never stop coming, do they!? This time of year is also particularly busy with family gatherings, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, decorating the house with tinsel and lights, wrapping gifts, holiday parties – okay, I need a nap just thinking about all of that.

This is a season to enjoy though! In fact, it’s my absolute favorite time of year. Everyone is just happier and nicer to each other, everyone’s houses glow at night, the kids are so excited with all of the magic of the holiday, and not to mention the music every radio station plays is just flippin’ fantabulous. It’s about time the DJs caught up with me – I have been jamming Silver Bells and Holy Night since the beginning of November! ? So if you ever feel overwhelmed just try to take a moment to stop, breathe in the scent of those cinnamon pine cones you probably bought, indulge in a spiced gingerbread cookie and kick back with that spiked eggnog. And then pour yourself another glass, or 3.

I am so off track right now. I should mention I may or may not have partaken in a little gingerbread and eggnog action before sitting down to write this. Sorry about that. Back to this mosaic ornament… decorating the house should be fun! Involve your family. Laugh at how the toddler sticks every ornament at shin level on the tree. Make memories!! One of my favorite traditions is creating ornaments with my daughters both for myself and to gift to my parents. In just a few short years there will no longer be any room for store-bought ornaments, it will all be hand-print reindeer and glittery acorns and popsicle stick elves because hey, that’s how we roll. And I love it. This mosaic ornament was made by my 10 year old that I trusted to use a hot glue gun by herself – and it’s more incredible than I could have imagined. It’s a perfect way to upcycle an old ornament that you no longer use. That’s what we did! #WeLoveThrifty

If you want to create this beauty, grab these things:

Make Your Own Mosaic Ornaments! Decorating on a Budget

  • An old (or new) ball ornament
  • A few old CDs or DVDs
  • Scissors, hot glue gun

This is such a simple project. It is a bit time consuming (perfect to keep that nagging pre-teen out of your hair for a little bit! Haha) but I think it looks like a million bucks. To begin, simply cut the CDs into small pieces. You will be using the pieces that appear mirror-like. Cut all shapes – triangles, squares, trapezoids and rhomboids and all of that other fun stuff that I can’t remember because middle school was sooooooo long ago. I would have failed miserably on that “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” show. I’d be immediately confessing to the game show host- nope. No I’m not. Not even close.

Make Your Own Mosaic Ornaments! Decorating on a Budget

Annnnyway. Next, hot glue little pieces all around your ornament until the majority of it is covered.

Make Your Own Mosaic Ornaments! Decorating on a Budget

Then hang your masterpiece for all to see!

Make Your Own Mosaic Ornaments! Decorating on a Budget

Now where did I set my eggnog….

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