How to create a craft from polymer clay?

This article is for all handy people out there who like to create something extraordinary. My favorite creations are from polymer clay. It’s easy to get, you can buy it in almost every stationary. If you want your craft to last for(almost)ever, you can buy special polymer clay (FIMO or Steadler – they’re both great) and bake your craft in regular over. This part is easy. Now the creating comes.

It totally depends on you what would you like to create, what are you in mood for. For example, when I started off with clay, I was making a lot of small cute people. Once I made a black guy with a tie, another time a woman with huge tits – all depends on you. You can as well make beads or animals out of clay.

Little figurine

In case of you wanting to mold a mini-person, start with a body. Make a t-shirt, pants with shoes – don’t attach it yet. Then make arms, you will attach them later to the t-shirt. Don’t forget the palms with fingers. Take a knife (a sharp and thin one) and create fingers by slightly pressing to the end of the arm.

Now it’s time to make a head, this is the most difficult part. Start modeling the oval shape from skin-toned color and after that put a small nose in the middle of the head or a bit above the center. Now make two holes into the nose, this will give your figurine detailed look. It’s time to make eyes. Two small white balls combined with two your choice colored iris and two tiny black dots. Assemble the eyes to the head above the nose. Make two tiny black rolls, put it above the eyes et voilá, eyebrows are done.

Try to keep focus on details. Hair is always a long time run. Depends which gender are you modeling, adjust the hair to it, you can make a fringe as well.

Now we are almost complete. Have you thought about your figurine’s hobby or profession? Add some extra features! Could be a bag or necklace, or ever earrings, something tiny and sweet.

Don’t hesitate to share your results with us! You can check this website for some inspiration.

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