Festive Flooring Ideas for Happy Holidays

When we decorate for the holidays, we usually concentrate on the table centerpieces and the mantel, but not many people remember to give their floors a holiday treatment. So, if you want to create a warm, cozy and homey feeling for the upcoming holidays, don’t neglect your floors this year. Give them a seasonal update with these festive flooring ideas and enjoy your home like never before.

Festive Flooring Ideas for Happy Holidays Festive-Flooring-Ideas-for-Happy-Holidays-1

Warm wood

There is nothing that says Christmas and winter more than warm and natural wood. So, give your floors a traditional and warm look with wooden flooring. Hardwood floors are truly timeless and universal, and they give even the coldest of spaces that warm natural look. However, real hardwood floors are quite expensive and require a bit of maintenance if you want them to stay in tip-top shape, so you can opt for porcelain alternatives. Interior designers all over the world are opting for porcelain tiles with a realistic wood effect. They will achieve the same effect while asking for minimal maintenance.

Festive Flooring Ideas for Happy Holidays Festive-Flooring-Ideas-for-Happy-Holidays2 Gifts

Attract attention with statement floors

If you’re looking to wow your guests this holiday season, you can opt for statement floors. For instance, attractive, patterned tiles (that are making a huge comeback this year) will catch the eye of anyone who comes to visit and make your space fun, interesting and stylish. Opt for a fairytale castle design, with white tiles with icy blue accents. Another good thing about this flooring option is that it will look just as attractive once the holidays are over. When the hot summer days arrive, these tiles will cool down the color scheme and give the space a fresh look.

Red as Santa

Red has always been a color of the holiday season, so don’t forget to introduce it into your home this year. One great way to red-up your home is to surprise your living room with a rich, red carpet. Opt for the seasonal scarlet shade and your home will automatically turn into a space of happiness and holiday spirit. Throw some nicely-wrapped presents on the floor for a bit of a contrast and voila! Christmas is here!

Festive Flooring Ideas for Happy Holidays Festive-Flooring-Ideas-for-Happy-Holidays3 Interior Design

Create a play area for kids

If you have kids of your own or expect little guests over the holidays, you can surprise them with a cozy and soft play area right on the floor. Opt for fun round rugs that are perfect for this task since they offer a clearly designated play area and provide comfort for little feet and knees. Place your festive rug under the Christmas tree and you’ve got yourself a perfect present-opening station for Christmas morning.

Snowy white

If you want to have relaxing and stress-free holidays surrounded by soft colors and uncluttered space, you can still do something to wake up your holiday spirit. Turn your living room or bedroom into a peaceful and elegant snow-covered field with a snowy white, soft carpet. A white carpet will not disturb your clean and minimalistic interior design, but it will certainly make it warmer and more festive. If you add a few metallic or golden accents such as gilded candleholders or a bowl of metallic ball ornaments, you will complete your minimalistic festive décor.

Go for maximum coziness

If you want to embrace the nature and achieve a maximum coziness level this season, surprise your toes with a faux fur rug – the fluffier, the better! They will add a touch of nature to your space and give it some extra texture. If you have a fireplace, you’ve found the perfect spot for your fur rug. Throw it on the floor and enjoy romantic winter nights with your partner in front of a sizzling fire. Add a glass of warm and aromatic mulled wine with cinnamon and nutmeg and you got yourself the perfect holiday scene.

Holiday decorating is no longer reserved only for the Christmas tree and your mantel. This year, you can make your home extra festive with floors and flooring treatments that will make your holidays even warmer and cozier.

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