Faux Metal Art

Living in Montana, winters get pretty long so my circle of friends and I started a tradition of monthly craft gatherings. We are all different level “crafters” and most of us are moms, so we usually pick something that is easy enough to be completed in one evening (because, frankly, it is hard to go back and finish it lately or transform unfinished project home). Another requirement is to do projects that can be completed by young children and beginner type “crafter”.

My favorite type of craft is the one that is inexpensive as well as something that we can use recyclable material. And who can’t gather up a few toilet paper rolls really quick? Actually, I don’t believe I threw out a single roll since. Those cardboard inserts can be used for such a large variety of projects that a craft book could be written on it.

Recently, I created some faux metal looking wall art for where else… but my bathroom. It is a very quick and fun project. You can easily follow it from the attached pictures.

All you need are:

Cardboard inserts from the toilet paper or paper towel rolls

Scissors or paper cutter

Hot glue

Black or other color spay paint

Metal color paint

First you take either toilet paper or paper towel cardboard insert. Flatten it and cut in strips (they don’t have to be really even as slightly different width gives nice dimension). Then arrange them in your desired pattern and secure with hot glue. Finish it with black spray paint and then brush it with bronze or gold color paint in a random fashion to resemble metal that is oxidized. Pictures below show the artwork for the wall, but I also made a platters and Christmas tree decorations. Possibilities are endless. Cardboard can also be folder in half for a variation on the “flower” pattern.

For Christmas decoration (easy kids project) add more cardboard “leaves” so the “flower” resembles more of a snowflake. It can be embellished by spray painting it in white or silver color and sprinkling glitter while the paint is wet for a three dimensional effect.

Another variation of this project is to cut cardboard insert in strips and roll it on the pencil, the cardboard keeps shape of the spring. Then you can form desired pattern again. You can even make a basket/bowl by gluing a lot of cardboard ringlets over the upside down bowl to shape a bowl. Once again, spray paint, brush with metal paint and everyone would be surprised of what material your bowl is made of. Enjoy! Both the creative process as well as your new art piece.

faux metal artwork items

faux metal artwork

faux metal artwork

faux metal artwork base


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