Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas Mantel

Once fall comes, you can’t wait to start decorating your house, especially the mantel – the focal point of your living room. Luckily, this season is full of beautiful, inspirational elements, from vibrant colors and romantic aromas to breathtaking leaves and fall flowers. So, take off your Halloween decorations and get ready to welcome fall into your home.

Romantic candles

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas Candles
A super easy, inexpensive way to add some decoration to your mantel is to use candles. With just a few basic candles and some clever DIY ideas you can create an awesome seasonal mantel decor. Give your boring white candles a fall makeover and clad them with rustic birch bark or thin fallen branches. Tie everything together with a string and you’ve got yourself a unique piece of decoration. If you want some extra holiday aromas, you can replace birch bark for cinnamon sticks. The process of creating this decoration piece is almost the same: stack some cinnamon sticks against your candle and tie them together with a leather or jute string.

Make a fall fairytale village

If you want to wow everyone who steps into your home, create a charming fairytale village on your mantel. Create a unique atmosphere with architectural lanterns in shapes of churches, cottages and city towers. Once you set every house in its place, light the candles and enjoy the light show. Put pinecones and some fallen leaves around them and you’ll create a perfect fall heaven in your home.

Add a little bling

People usually connect fall décor with a rustic atmosphere, however, that’s not a rule you have to follow. If you have a contemporary decorated home, a better choice might be rich metallic details, pearls and crystal. If you don’t have anything like that and you’re not in the mood to browse decoration stores, you can grab a can of gold or silver spray paint and give your pumpkins, pinecones and leaves a fresh coat of luxurious color.

Frame it

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas Frames

If you want to add some layers, depth and height to your mantel decoration, the best and easiest way is to add frames. Mirrors with rich frames are an especially good choice since they can reflect all the light and colors of fall. You can also find some art pieces or try your hand at painting your own fall masterpiece to lean against the mantel wall. If you’re much better with a camera than with a paintbrush, capture some beautiful fall moments and include them in your mantel decor. Find a company that deals in custom framing and you’ll end up with a unique and personal setup.

Put your stamp on it

If you want your mantel to be dedicated to fall but also pay homage to your family, you can easily make a monogram for your family name, or create one for each member of your household. These are super fun and easy to make and you can let your imagination loose. You can even make it a family project with everyone creating their own letter. Surround your monograms with some fallen leaves, ribbons and candles, and be proud of your amazing family.
Once your mantel decoration is finished, you’ll be ready for holidays and all the cheer they bring with them.

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