Fall DIY Decor

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year! It’s the perfect temperature outside, the holiday seasons are coming, and not to mention those beautiful trees! It’s absolutely gorgeous! A big part of what I do in my crafting is print free printables and make them a part of my home. I’ll be sharing a subway art I love as well as an adorable fall banner I made for my home.

Leaf Garland

Fall DIY Decor

What an easy and fun way to add some fall colors into your home! I made this with items I already had in my home.

You need:

Red, Orange, and Yellow colored paper
Twine, or string
Push pins (if this is your first banner)
Hole puncher
Tape (optional)

I printed off the leaves I found from a template on A Beautiful Mess. Then I cut out each leaf. With the round leaves that have a point on them, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of intricate cutting on the leaf. Instead of following the outline, I started cutting the ridges free hand. It saved time AND sanity.

When you cut out the string to the length you want, make sure you measure it so it’s the size you need on your wall or mantel. I don’t believe in having banners only made for mantels. I have them hung right above my TV in my living room all year round! I hang them on black push pins tacked into the wall. It’s much easier putting a push pin into the wall, it’ll hold up thicker, but light objects better, AND it’s much cuter than a nail.

From there, I punched holes into the leaves to thread the string through. Note: you can make life easier for yourself by wrapping that end with tape before you start threading. Then remove the tape once you’ve finished.

Tie the ends of the string into a small loop and done! You’re ready to hang up your cute creation for all the world to see. And that only took an hour. It normally take me 20 minutes to put together a Printable banner, but you have to do a lot of cutting.

Fall Subway Art

Fall DIY Decor

Another easy, fun decoration I use is Printable subway art. I found this one on How to Nest for Less.

There are a couple of ways you can apply this subway art into your home. First of all, you can purchase a frame from the dollar store and you’re ready to display it in your home! Or you can do what I did and put your subway art onto a canvas. Read more for the tutorial.

Here’s what you need:

8×10 canvas
Printed subway art (or any 8×11 print of your choice) on cardstock paper
Mod podge
2 Paint brushes
Acryllic paint (color of your choice)

Once you have your art printed out, measure it against your canvas. You’ll find the paper is larger that your canvas. You’ll need to trace the outline of your canvas onto the back of your cardstock paper and then cut it. I learned the hard way that if you don’t use cardstock paper for this project, your paper will dissolve.

Once that is done, paint the sides of your canvas (sorry I don’t have photos for this tutorial, I made all my canvas art BEFORE I started my blog). It adds a nice little frame of color to your craft. Do about 2-3 coats of paint and then let it completely dry. It’ll take about 10 minutes to dry. Go get a snack or something.

Now you are ready to Mod podge. Mod podging a project is an art form; it’s hard to get it right the first time. But no worries, I have a trick! Most people who try podging the first time will apply the mod podge onto the piece of paper itself. In some cases, you need to do that, but with this project, it’s better if you don’t. The paper is so big that it’ll start curling and you’ll have a hard time controlling the paper. Then the mod podge is not applied on evenly and your project is ruined. Ok. Maybe not ruined, but it definitely doesn’t look the way you wanted it to.

Instead, apply the mod podge (with a brush) onto the canvas itself. You’ll have more control of how much you apply because it won’t curl on on you. Apply a moderate coating. Don’t be generous! The mod podge will soak through the paper and cause the ink to bleed. Luckily, when this happened to me, it was in such a small area that no one really notices I messed up. Then obviously, if you don’t apply enough, then your project won’t stick.

Once you’ve applied your moderate, even coat, place the paper onto the canvas. You’ll have a few seconds to adjust the position of your paper before it really sticks. Then get rid of the bubbles. Usually, if I did it right and there’s no mod podge around the paper, I can flip the project over and press out the bubbles that way. With canvas, it’s a little harder to get the bubbles out because the fabric gives way a little. Just be patient and press gently.

Then let it dry.

DO NOT APPLY A COAT ON TOP YET. Once that bottom coat is dry, then you can get that cute shimmered look on your project by adding a top coat. But don’t apply that top coat immediately. If you do, you WILL get bubbles and the ink WILL bleed. This step has made a HUGE difference making these kind of projects for me. And honestly, I don’t think people share this part of the process. I don’t know why. It’s a game changer.

Just wait for the bottom coat to dry for about 5 minutes, then add that top coat to create the cute shimmer and to reinforce your print onto your canvas.

And that’s it! You’re done! Cute little art to put around your house for the holidays and you probably only spent $5 (but if you already had most of the supplies, it’ll be less).

Thanks for reading. Comment below for questions or to post photos of your own creations!

Char Call

Char Call is a wife and mother who loves to decorate her home. She enjoys making decorations for her home. She has found affordable ways to create decorations for her home and loves to share her ideas with everyone. She shares tutorials and printables on her website at www.callcrafts.com

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