Impossibly Easy DIY Crafts to Make and Sell For A Crafty Entrepreneur

DIY enthusiasts have a great opportunity in the online market. By creating something unique, they are able to attract those customers who are looking for the exclusive product that is made by hand.

However, finding out how you can earn those skills to create DIY crafts can be a bit tricky. What to do now? How can you offer something new and special?

If you are a skilled person but do not know where to start when it comes to making and selling products online, you are in the right place.


The handmade candles represent a versatile product that can be sold throughout the year. For many it is a favorite gift item in birthdays and numerous holidays throughout the year. You always have a reason to make customers come back for more. By buying wax and scented oils in bulk, you can create many combinations of different scents in a variety of different sizes and shapes. In addition, the real good news: you can launch a candle making business for less than USD 100.

Pet toys

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that there are between 70 and 80 million dogs in the United States alone. English acronym indicates that more than 60,000 million dollars are spent in the pet industry each year. It is not necessary to say that people love their pets and enjoy spending money to make them happy. You can engage in this huge market by creating toys for pets, handmade, ecological. Which are made from low-cost recycled materials.

Handmade soaps

As more and more consumers strive to incorporate safe and organic cleaning products into their daily lives, they have the opportunity to capitalize on this trend by creating and marketing their own products made from scratch, such as hand soap. With a minimal initial investment. You can buy materials for soap making and start creating unique products within this market that can be great gifts.

Resin jewelry

The manufacture of resin jewelry is simple, and the set of tools to begin with is relatively cheap. With a little patience, you can create beautiful unique pieces to sell online. In addition, with transparent resin you can even offer jewelry creations based on photos. In this way, your customers can convert their favorite images into precious pieces.

Personalized napkins and hand towels

For the home decorator who loves the details; personalized napkins and hand towels are important DIY pieces. With minimal sewing skills and a few low-cost materials, you can create beautiful details for the table and custom creations for decoration lovers from around the world. In a few hours, you can create a large inventory of products that you can start selling immediately.


The key chain is a very useful accessory that never goes out of style. By using materials such as leather, canvas, plastic or fabric, you can create key chains for those customers who are looking for versatile unisex gifts. Advantage: because they are usually small, you can make the materials yield a lot.


Did you know that the average person in US uses approximately 425 plastic bags per year? However, more states strive to reduce the use of plastic bags. By this way, handbags become increasingly important. From the grocery store to the coffee shop, these versatile items have a huge popularity and are extremely cheap. By offering an interesting design or message on your handbags, you can attract customers and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Christmas ornaments or gift tags

For many families, buying a new Christmas decoration every year is a tradition. While Christmas decorations only make sense during a specific time of year, you can also take advantage of this ability to create similar products such as personalized gift tags, decorations for napkin holders or other products you can sell throughout the year. The best: if you use a raw material such as clay, you can make your products with minimal investment, making your profit margins rise in the air.


Who does not like plants? Put them in a nice container and you will have improved a space significantly. The creation of unique planters that reflect different tastes and styles can help buyer’s achievement. As they are looking for at home and at work, and can often be manufactured for very little money (without losing the appearance of high-end designs).


By sharing their artistic creations or by customizing walls, it allows consumers to decorate their homes with pieces that clearly stand out from the rest. Discover what you can create that is unique, commercial and missing in the current market of murals.


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