Easy DIY Beauty Gift Ideas for Girls

Easy DIY Beauty Gift Ideas for Girls - diycraftz.com
Choosing gifts for all the beautiful girls in your life can be quite intimidating. It is really hard to choose the gifts that could be best for every girl. But if you put effort and dedication to a gift then it would add more value to it.
So, this season keep things a little bit simple and natural by giving homemade natural beauty products to the girls, as these are the only things that every girl needs and love. These homemade gifts could be an amazing way to cross off all the girls on your list from your sisters to class fellows to colleagues and best friends and show your love and affection towards them. Keep on reading to find out some super affordable and unique DIY beauty gift options for Girls.

  1. Detoxifying Bath Salt
    detoxifying bath salt - diycraftz.com
    What could be best then having a bath full of minerals at the end of a hectic day? Bath salt is a great way to soothe and relax tiered muscles and boost energy level. It could be an amazing gift for girls to enjoy a spa like feel at home.

    How to make it

    • Simply mix together one cup of Himalayan bath salt or Epsom salt with one cup of sea salt in a bowl.
    • Add several drops of your favorite essential oil such as Lavender oil, peppermint oil or lemon oil and blend until salts are infused together.
    • To add color and texture, add some dried lavender or rose petals in it, and then put the mixture into an air tight jar or bag and put some ribbon on it.
  2. Deodorant
    Commercially available deodorants are full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients. By gifting homemade natural deodorant to your girls will not only safe your money but also provide them chemical free deodorants which are very effective in fighting odor producing bacteria.

    How to make it

    • Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup arrowroot or cornstarch together in a mixing bowl.
    • Add 6 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix well.
    • Add essential oil of your choice, if desired, most preferably peppermint oil.
    • Store in a deodorant container for easy use.
  3. Relaxing Foot Scrub
    A refreshing DIY foot scrub is the best way to slough off flaky, dry skin and soothe sore and tired feet. Give your girls’ feet special treatment by gifting them this amazing foot scrub.

    How to make it

    • Mix 1-2 cups of sugar with ½ cup of warmed coconut oil.
    • Then add 10-15 drops of peppermint oil and a few drops of green food color (optional).
    • Stir the mixture well and then put in in a beautiful mason jar or bag with a tag.
  4. Exfoliating Salt Scrub
    exfoliating salt scrub - diycraftz.com
    This exfoliating and detoxifying scrub is best to cleanse and soften the skin. It’s best for every girl to make their skin glowing and radiant.

    How to make it

    • Mix two cups of mineral rich Himalayan pink salt with one cup of olive oil.
    • Add 2 tablespoons of aloe Vera gel.
    • Add some fresh lemon or orange zest for natural fragrance and color.
    • Put this scrub in a jar or pouch with a beautiful label and ribbon.
  5. DIY Perfume
    diy perfume - diycraftz.com
    The fragrance from this all natural DIY perfume will last all day long, so a little goes a long way once applied.

    How to make it

    • First, choose 3 or 4 essential oils of your choice. You can use the basic rules of choosing at least 1 from each note, top, middle and base. (Essential Oil Use)
    • Then place a few drops of these oils in the proportions that you want to use onto a strip of blotting paper. Leave it for about 5 minutes then take a sniff to check if you have reached your desired fragrance. Correct it if needed.
    • Add 2 teaspoons, equal to 80 drops, of jojoba oil into the glass bottle or ball roller bottle.
    • Then add the essential oils. You will need 20 drops of essential oil in the proportions you have worked out.
    • Cover and shake it well. Then sniff again to test, if needed, correct by adding only one extra drop of oil at a time until you reach your desired fragrance.
    • Leave this perfume in a cool and dark place overnight before using.
  6. Tinted Lip Balm
    This all natural tinted lip balm is the best to add color to the lips while making them soft. It will add beautiful gloss and natural color to the lips. Any girl would love to have this in her bag.

    How to make it

    • In a glass jar sitting in a small pot of simmering water, melt coconut oil, beeswax and shear butter. Stir this gently until melted.
    • When melted, add a few drops of Vitamin E oil. Add a few drops of vanilla essence or peppermint oil for beautiful sent.
    • Add few drops of beetroot juice to give it a beautiful color. You can also add cocoa powder for color.
    • Once everything is mixed well, use a dropper to transfer it into the tins or lip chap containers and let it cool.

    Every girl would love to receive these DIY gifts – full of love and effort. Don’t forget to make some of these for yourself too as you are also very special.

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