Dollar Tree DIY- Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Christmas time is here!! My favorite time of the year!! Not only because we get days off from work to spend time with our families, but also because we have a chance to Christmas decorate our homes. Every year, my family and I decorate every corner of my house with multiple decorations. Starting from hanging garlands around the living room to having specific Christmas napkins but most importantly centerpieces. I love creating new DIYS and this year was no exception. Here’s a fun tutorial that you could recreate with your kids and family.

Items I used to create it:

  1. Diamond Wrap (Dollar Tree) $1
  2. Two silver floral accents (Dollar Tree) $2
  3. Small Ornaments (They come in a long tube) (Dollar Tree) $1
  4. Garland (Dollar Tree) $1
  5. Green foam pot insert- located in the floral section (Dollar Tree) $1
  6. White foam disk- They come in a set but you will only need one (Dollar Tree) $1
  7. Floral foam cone (Dollar Tree) $1
  8. Ornament hooks (Dollar Tree) $1
  9. Tiny Ornaments (Dollar Tree didn’t have them but I found some at Five Below for $3)
  10. E6000 glue
  11. Hot Glue gun


Step 1- Add some E6000 and hot glue to the bottom of the green foam disk and glue it on top of the white foam disk.

Step 2- Do the same with Floral foam Cone and glue it to onto the green foam disk.

Step 3- Once you have the shape of the tree, let’s add some diamond wrap!! It’s Christmass so let’s give it some glam.

Step 4- Measure first how much of a diameter of the diamond wrap you’ll need by wrapping it around the White foam disk. After doing so, hot glue the diamond wrap around the white foam disk.

Step 5- Grab your garland and hot glue & staple the beginning tip of the garland to the foam cone. Then work your way up and around the cone by placing hot glue as you go wrapping around.

Step 6- Once the garland has been wrapped all the way up. Secure the tip of the tree by staple-ing it. Even though the garland has been hot glued to the cone, add some staples around it to make sure it doesn’t become undone.

Step 7- Now gather the ornaments (big and small) and ornament hooks. Insert the ornament hook and bend the wire so that it is straight. Then insert the wire inside the foam cone. Ornament should hang just a little bit. Do the same step until all ornaments are in place. Decorate it as much as you would like but remember to not overdo it or else the tree will look too full to add any floral accents.

Step 8- If you have any empty spaces around your centerpiece, place some silver floral accents that can be found on the floral section of the Dollar Tree.

Step 9- Optional: add a star on the top of the tree. What I did was added one of the small ornaments to give it a little gold touch.

All finished!!!! Here is a centerpiece that your family and friends would love to place at their dinner table.

Christmas Tree Centerpiece

I hope you all enjoy this DIY tutorial!

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