DIY or Splurge?

Should you diy or splurge? Well, I truly never liked the idea of making things on my own, but rather would spend a substantial amount of money for something to be pre-made to my liking. But I soon realized that not everything is something I can splurge on because overtime it gets expensive. Of course there are items that I splurge on every now and then but I prefer DIYs for items that can be made. I never really knew that DIYs could be so much fun and affordable.
diy or splurge glue gun
As you all know (if you follow me on Instagram or see my posts from groups to groups on facebook) I love to craft and love to make things more than ever. I use specifically things I have in my home and/or get supplies from Dollar Tree. One thing I can’t ever get over is Target clearances when they have all those Bullseye Playground items reduced to as low as 70-90% because that is where most of my supplies come from.
DIY or Splurge
Just recently I was inspired by a youtuber known as Coupontoprovide to make my own glue gun holster. I did my research on the many different kinds of glue gun holsters on the market, and boy were they expensive. They were ranging from $19.99 and up depending on the material and where you got it from. Soon as I gathered ideas I thought, why not make a station that holds both my glue gun and my fuse tool along with the other accessories that go with it? That was when I decided Dollar Tree was going to be where I would get my supplies from.
I spent a good 30 minutes in the store trying to piece and figure things out as I went. Finally, I sat down and began to play with my supplies. I had gotten a Lazy susan, 2 silicon pads, a 5×6 picture frame, and a shelf liner. I started to make my holster for both my tools just like how Paloma (coupontoprovide) did in her tutorial video.
This link will direct you to what supplies i got to make this DIY project :
As I took a break from stitching the silicon pads together and onto the frame, I searched around for something to put in the glue gun sticks, fuse tool heads & stand, I found a small pink plastic 3 drawer and some Velcro that I got from King Dollar awhile back. It quickly got me thinking what if I could make the holster removable so I can get it closer to a charging place ?
I spent another good hour figuring out the kinks and VOILA! I did it! I was so happy I made myself an easy access station for my tools under $19.99! With everything calculated, it was only $6-$8 of supplies and other adhesive items to keep the items together.
Here is an overall look at my finished project :
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