DIY Indoor Snowball Fight Kit

With the kids out of school on their winter break, I know parents are always looking for fun activities to keep them entertained.  I know as a mom, I tried to avoid electronics after a certain point in the mornings.  That meant finding games and indoor play for my three children when they were younger.  With two boys, any kind of play that involved throwing things at each other was a real bonus.

While much of the United States receives its fair share of snow each winter, where I live does not.  We live on the coast of Washington state.  This means we have lush forests, beautiful waterways, and very little snow.  If we get any snow, it will be maybe an inch of accumulation overnight.  By afternoon, that will melt and turn to mud.  If we want to play in the snow, we have to travel hours away to find it.  Not only do we not get much snow, we do get more than our fair share of rain.  Which means most activities I plan need to be indoor to avoid the rain and mud.

For those of us who live in areas that don’t see much snow, traveling several hours to get to play just isn’t always a daily option.  Plus, if you are like me, you don’t particularly like being cold and wet in real snow.  I love watching it snow… from inside… with a nice warm fire… a knitting project on my lap… and a hot cup of coffee.

Today’s DIY project is an indoor snowball fight kit.  Sure to be a hit for any little one longing for snow play, yet safe enough to not break the furniture or decorations.  You will need a pompom maker.  I prefer to use the Clover brand pompom makers.  They are super easy to use and not that expensive.  The pompoms in this project were made on the blue 3 3/8 inch pompom maker.  There are multitudes of homemade pompom maker instructions online.  You can even checkout my “Crafty Ideas” Pinterest board here for some ideas.

Supplies Needed:

  • White Yarn
  • Pompom Maker
  • Sharp Small Scissors
  • Decorative Tin or Container


DIY Indoor Snowball Fight Supplies

Make several white pompoms according to the directions of your pompom maker.  For this set I made six snowballs.  I figured one tin per child would make for a fun snowball fight without overwhelming the house with snowballs.  Once you have made your snowballs, I like to put them in a seasonal tin from the Dollar Tree.  It makes for a cute package.  You could even add a quick little card for a simple holiday gift!

DIY Indoor Snowball Fight Tin

I really hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!  Come on over to to see more crafty projects and follow my family adventures!

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