DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Love

happy halloween - DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Love


The holidays are a great time to DIY.  Halloween is one of the most fun and easiest to DIY your décor. These cute and spooky DIY Halloween decorations are sure to thrill your family. They’ll want to make them year after year to show off to their friends! I’m sharing with you 5 family-friendly  DIY Halloween decorations.

hanging ghost - DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Love

  1. Hanging Ghost

What you will need:

Small Styrofoam ball


Black permanent marker




Cut cheesecloth into 8×8 squares

Glue cheesecloth over Styrofoam balls, let dry

Draw on eyes

Loop the thread through the top of the ball to hang ghost.


These can be hung from the ceiling, in trees, on porch railings or even Christmas trees! You can even add a pop of color by adding glitter or letting the kids draw on them with different colored markers!



pumpkins - DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Loveraw pumpkins - DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Love

2. Painted Pumpkins

What you will need:

Pumpkins (1 per person

Squeezable Acrylic paint



Paint tray


Squeeze paint into the paint tray, this makes it easy for kids to use it

Put down newspaper to help avoid messes

There are many ways the pumpkins can be painted; the possibilities are practically endless. Some of the most popular ones include a haunted house, a Death Day skull, witches, Jack-o-Lantern face, or a black cat. You can even paint them solid colors! For younger children, they can put their handprints on the pumpkins or just paint willy-nilly so they have an array of colors. This is a great activity for families that don’t want to go to the trouble of carving pumpkins. It is also great for families with kids that are too young to take part in pumpkin carving. The pumpkins also last longer so everyone can enjoy them more.

bats - DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Love

3. Popsicle stick bats

What you will need:

Kabob sticks

Black construction paper


This one is super easy and fun! Cut bats from Construction paper. Make sure they are all the same size. Glue one bat on each side of the kabob stick (on the same end of course). Let dry and you can stick them in planters, in a centerpiece for your Halloween party, even in tall drinking glasses. Make this craft super fun by making vampire teeth or monsters. Your kids are sure to love these!


ghost - DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Love


  1. Salt dough ghost

What you will need:

Salt dough (recipe)

1 cup salt

2 cups of flour

¾ cup of water

1. In a large bowl mix salt and flour together.

  1. Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency.
  2. Turn the dough onto the bench and knead with your hands until smooth and combined.

4. Make your creations using the salt dough.

5. Place the salt dough creations into the oven at 180C. The amount of time needed to bake depends on the size and thickness of the salt dough creations.

white and black acrylic paint


Make salt dough as per recipe. Shape salt dough into ghosts, don’t make too thick or it will take too long to dry. Don’t make too thin or they won’t stand. Bake in the oven on low heat 200*f. Bake until they are completely dry.  Remove and let cool completely. Once they are ready to paint white and let dry. Once the white paint is dry paint on eyes and mouth with black paint.


paper plate - DIY Halloween Crafts Your Family is Sure to Love

  1. Paper plate monsters

What you will need:

Paper plates

Markers or paint

Construction paper (optional)



This is the easiest craft on our list. Color or paint a monster face onto a paper plate. They can use the construction paper to cut out eyes and mouths for their monsters of they choose. Popular choices are pumpkins, Frankenstein, vampire, witch, or ghost. Cut a small hole at the top of the plate and put thread or yarn to hang the decorations.



These crafts can make Halloween even more fun and special. Making these with your family will help you make memories and connect. These are just spooky enough to be fun but not scary. Just about any age group can participate in making this appropriate for any family that celebrates Halloween.

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