DIY Dollar Tree Home Decor Under $20

I grew up loving anything that involved interior decorating. I remember cutting images of home decor and gluing different items to making what I believed my dream home decor. Now as an adult, I couldn’t wait to start decorating my own home but now with a budget 🙂 I mean, who doesn’t love to save a bit of money right?  I wanted to give my home a whole makeover by starting watching DIY’s on YouTube. More specifically, dollar tree makeovers. After watching so many videos, I was inspired to make these two easy DIY Dollar Tree Home Decor Under $20.

My first DIY is a Tall Mirror Picture Frame for your wall.

You’ll need the following:

  • 4 picture frames (Dollar Tree)
  • 4 Mirror frames- They are picture frames that comes with mirror (Dollar Tree)
  • Gorilla Glue (Dollar Tree)
  • Cardboard Cutter (Dollar Tree)
  • 2 black card boards (Dollar Tree)
  • Spray Paint of desired color (Walmart $2.47) I used gray for mine
  • Optional: Frame hangers if you want to hang it. I left mine standing against wall.
  • Optional: Newspaper to place frames for spray paint OR a used surface to protect from floors.

Step 1- Remove frames from packaging (place glass/cardboard on the side for future assemble). Spray paint the frame with your desired color. I usually let each side dry for 10- 15 mins.

Step 2- While the newly spray painted frames are drying. Gorilla glue the two black card boards together. I added a strip of strong take on the back for extra support.

Step 3- Assemble all the frames back. At this time you can start adding the pictures you want to have on the 4 picture frames. Remove the metal backing of all the frames.

Step 4- Start placing the frames in the order you would want them to appear when placed on the tall cardboard.

Step 5- Place frames on cardboard. Remember to be creative!! I added one mirror frame then one picture frame and vice versa.

Step 6- Grab your gorilla glue and start applying the glue around the back of each frame. Make sure you place something heavy on top of each frame to make sure glue and cardboard stay together.

Step 7- With the cardboard cutter, cut any excess card board of what is now the big frame. Let the glue dry for about 24 hours before placing or hanging on wall.

All finished!!

diycraftz home decor

Next, for the Fall Wooden Candle DIY you will need:

  • 1 candle holder (Dollar Store)
  • 1 candle (Dollar Store)
  • wooden sticks from your backyard
  • Glue gun

Step 1- Preheat you glue gun and gather the wooden sticks.  Add some glue to the wooden sticks and place on the side of the candle holder.

Step 2- Repeat step until all sides of candle holder are covered with the wooden sticks. Place your desired candle and enjoy a nice fall feel inside your home.

DIY Craftz Home Decor 2

and at night

DIY Craftz Home Decor 1

I hope you all enjoy this DIY tutorial!

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