DIY Decoupage Ornaments

The holidays are a time for traditions in our household.  Favorite recipes, yearly outings, and family movie nights are all looked forward to.  One thing that I have done with my children since they were very small is make Christmas ornaments.  Each year, we spend a day creating and crafting together.  We have done many different types of ornaments over the years.  Our Christmas tree is covered in memories and handmade wonders from each of my children.  It may not belong in a designer catalog, but our Christmas tree is a delight to decorate each year.  I love hearing the kids talk about each ornament as it comes out of the bin.  Who made which one, what year it was from, and where it should go on the tree.

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite ornaments that we have made.  This lovely DIY decoupage ornament is nice and simple, even a small child can do it!

You will only need a few supplies:

  • Fabric scraps (I used Christmas colors)
  • Modge Podge
  • Small container for Modge Podge
  • Medium paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Ornaments to decorate (old or new)


To prepare for the project, you will want to set up your area.  This can get messy, especially with children.  Protect your surfaces!

Step 1:

Pull the ornament top off and set aside.


Step 2:

Cut the fabric into small strips.  The smaller the pieces, the nicer they will lay on the round ornament.  However, you don’t want to go so small they are difficult to handle.  My strips are approximately 2 inches by ¾ inch.


Step 3:

Pour a small amount of Modge Podge into a container.

You should be all set up to decoupage now with a paintbrush, a container of Modge Podge, fabric strips, and an ornament.


Step 4:

Use the paintbrush to spread a layer of Modge Podge on the ornament.  This will allow the fabric to stick.


Step 5:

Start to layer the fabric onto the ornament.  Stick a strip of fabric onto the Modge Podge.  Then use the paint brush to cover the fabric in Modge Podge.  Don’t skimp!  You want the fabric saturated with the adhesive.


Step 6:

Continue layering Modge Podge and strips of fabric all around the ornament.  I find that random directions of fabric positions give the best coverage.


Keep layering until you cannot see any of the original ornament through any gaps.


Step 7:

Once you have the ornament covered, give it one more layer of Modge Podge to really seal the fabric layers together.  Then using the original hanger, hang the ornament to dry for a few days.  Once the ornament is dry, you can choose to spray it with clear coat spray paint for a shiny surface.  I personally, prefer the more matte finish and just leave the ornament as is.

I really hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!  Come on over to to see more crafty projects and follow my family adventures!

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DIY Decoupage Ornaments

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