DIY Custom Covered Aux Cord

I don’t know about your house, but in mine it is hard to hold on to your electronics accessories. With four individuals that use the same kind of phone, charge cords, aux cords, and wall ports are often stolen.  Every time I need to use an accessory cord, I have to go searching for it.  Usually, I find them in one of the teenagers rooms or cars.  We have daily arguments in our house of whose cord is it?  We have tried various ways of marking our cords.  My husband prefers to spray paint his.  That makes them easily identifiable, although the paint takes a long time to dry.  My daughter chose to purchase cheaper colored versions of the cords, these were quick to identify but often did not last very long.  My boys are the main thieves in the house.  They don’t care whose mark is on the cord, they will ferret it away into their space.


I like to use an aux cord in my car to listen to music or audiobooks on my phone while driving.  It seems like every time I get into my car, my aux cord is gone.  Usually a boy has driven the car, and taken the cord with them when they leave.  As the only knitter in the house, I’m the only one really obsessed with covering things in yarn.  I have found that if I cover it in yarn, they are less likely to steal it.  Evidently a yarn covered cord or earbuds isn’t manly.  An added bonus to covering the cords in this manner is that they are less likely to tangle in my purse or center console.


Today I have a picture tutorial for how to cover your own aux cord using a tool called a French Knitter.  The French Knitter is a tiny loom that will cover your cord in a nice tight fabric.  Despite the name, you actually do not need to know how to knit to use the French Knitter.  Once you have gotten started with the loom, you just need to wrap, and pull stitches over until you are at the length that you desire.  I did not include instructions for starting or finishing with the loom because those are best seen in video.  A quick YouTube search for using a French Knitter will have you started in almost no time.


This was the perfect project for a day when we were traveling in the car.  I only needed a few supplies and it was easy enough to do while enjoying the ride.  From start to finish the project took me about an hour to complete.  Now I have a lovely custom covered aux cord that my boys are less likely to steal!

For your supplies you will need:

  • A French Knitter
  • A loom hook
  • Self Striping Sock Yarn
  • Large eyed blunt needle




First you need to check that your aux cord will fit through the French Knitter.

Insert one end of the cord into the French Knitter.  Then cast on by inserting the yarn through the French Knitter.  The first wrap around the posts is done in a figure eight around all four posts.  After that you simply bring your yarn around the outside of each post.  Then lift the bottom loop over the top of the post.  This creates an interwoven fabric around the cord.

Continue to wrap, then lift the stitches over the posts to cover the aux cord.

When working the loom will create a very tight weave.  I prefer to have a looser weave around the cord.  If you stop and leave enough space, once you are done casting off, you can twist the fabric to loosen and stretch it down the aux cord.

Once you have stretched the fabric down the cord, take your needle and carefully tuck the ends under the fabric.


An aux cord that is easily identifiable as yours!

I really hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!  Come on over to to see more crafty projects and follow my family adventures!

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