DIY Cranberry & Bay Leaf Christmas Garland

Part of the joy of the holiday season is making your own decorations.  I like the old-fashioned crafts using natural elements. Today’s Christmas craft is a fresh cranberry and bay leaf garland.  This holiday craft is easy and fun.  It would be a great children’s craft.  Just remember that fresh cranberries will not last 3 weeks hanging on the tree.  It’s best to make the garland about 3 days before Christmas or your holiday party as the berries get soft.



Fresh cranberries and bay leaves make a festive holiday garland.


All you need is a needle with a larger hole, a thicker thread (not regular thread), fresh cranberries and bay leaves. You can use waxed dental floss for the thread which you probably have in the bathroom or can get at the dollar store. I got a package of fresh cranberries at Aldi for 99 cents. Walmart had fresh bay leaves for about $3.   If you can’t find bay leaves, I would suggest popping plain popcorn (no flavors or butter) and substitute that for the leaves.  Popcorn is probably in your pantry and is another inexpensive natural element.



Start with a cranberry and push threaded needles through cranberry. Add 2 more and then a bay leaf.




Start by pushing the needle through a cranberry, add two more cranberries, and then a bay leaf.   If you don’t have bay leaves or popcorn, you can just make a cranberry garland.  Repeat the pattern for the length you desire.


Fresh cranberry and bay leaf Christmas garland.




If you are planning to put it on the Christmas tree, I would suggest making several garlands instead of one huge one. It is easier to make and hang. Use it on the tree, hang it on a wall, or use it to decorate your Christmas table.   Be creative – you can use the garland anywhere to add a red colorful addition to your decorations.  I’m using the garland on the wall behind my dining table using removable Contact hooks.


Fresh cranberry & bay leaf garland behind Advent Centerpiece.
It is the background for my Advent centerpiece celebrating the four Sundays before Christmas and a special candle for Christmas Day.  I like the spark of color it adds to the white and silver centerpiece.



Cranberry & bay leaf garland behind Advent Centerpiece.



If you like birds, squirrels and the other wildlife that lives around you,  take the garland down after 3 days and hang it outside on bushes and trees. The birds and squirrels will love it.  For this purpose, I suggest you use cranberries and popcorn (plain).


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Merry Christmas!




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