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DIY Craftz is Hiring

DIY Craftz is looking for artist or crafters! Why not make a little extra cash for crafting with your kids? I will pay $10-30 per quality craft post you send in and I use on DIYCraftz.com. You can submit as many posts as you like but the highest quality ones will only be chosen.


  • Photos must be top notch! Clean, vibrant, crisp, and clear photos are required. Any blurry, dark, or unfocused pictures will not work!
  • You will need to submit the directions, items, etc with the post (directions must be in your own words – not copied)
  • You are agreeing to sell your images solely to DIY Craftz and will not sell these or produce these anywhere else.
  • Payment – I will pay you via Paypal $10-30 per craft post if you are chosen.

Tips for getting chosen:

  • Submit at least 1 vertical photo (these do great on Pinterest)
  • Bright photos (I recommend taking them outside or next to a bright window)
  • The main item is in focus
  • Holiday crafts
  • Be creative with your backgrounds and props

If you are qualified and interested please send your submission to [email protected]


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  • I have three questions. 1….when you say “and will not sell these or produce these anywhere else.”—-are you referring to the photos ONLY…or the craft being made? 2. If it is just the photos…..does that mean it would be ok to create different photos and use them??? 3. Is this ONLY if my craft is chosen, or does it mean that just by submitting, I can no longer use the photos?? Meaning, if you don’t choose my craft I still can’t use the photos???

    I am very interested, but I just need clarification on the rules stated above. THANK YOU

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