DIY Christmas Pillows From Place Mats

An easy Christmas craft is making Christmas pillows from place mats. Last July I was shopping at my favorite thrift store during their Christmas in July 75% off sale.  I spied 4 red cotton corduroy placemats with white embroidery.  They really popped with color and I could just see them on my white futon.  A steal at $1.50 I took them home and based my Christmas home decor on their red and white colors.


I got 4 red cordoroy placemats at the thrift store for $1.50.




Materials Needed for Project:   4 placemats (scarves, small towels, etc.), needle and thread or sewing machine, 2 pillow insets or stuffing.

Making pillows with placemats is very easy. No cutting or trying to bind edges.  Put two placemats together with the tops on the outside. Stitch around 3 sides.



I sewed 2 placemats together of 3 sides




This creates a pocket.



Sew 3 sides and leave the 4th open to insert pillow form or stuffing





Insert a pillow form or stuffing.  Depending on the size of your placemat, you can get cheap pillow forms at Walmart. Look for the ones with zippers.  If they’re a little too big like mine below, unzip and remove some stuffing. Save it for later use.



Stitch 3 sides, insert pillow form or stuffing, either sew 4th side or close with velcro closures.



Sew 4th side or use press and stick velcro closures like I did.


I applied press and stick velcro closures.




This makes it a pillow cover and I can remove the cover after Christmas and put it in a drawer. Honestly, who has room for 20 different accent pillows? I don’t.  Pillow covers can be made simply and cheaply from napkins, placemats, and scarves.  The edges are bound and it’s fast work to just whip two sides together. It’s also easy to store.  Now I’m decorating my living room.


Close-up of DIY Christmas Pillow.





The red pillows really pop on my white futon.


Living Room With Christmas Red




You can get more decorating ideas at Welcome to My Christmas Home.


Christmas living room



Happy Holidays!




Living room from dining area.



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