DIY bath bombs

DIY bath bombs are the best way to spice up your regular bath and turn it into a beautiful mess. They are even more special because you get to enjoy the process involved in creating them.

But let me guess, you are wondering what these bath bombs are, right? Or maybe youve seen them before but didn’t know what they were. Either way, I can relate to that feeling because Ive been there before. If you are the kind to obsess over bubble baths, then youll definitely be blown away by DIY bath bombs. In case you are wondering how they look like, here is a pic of DIY bath bombs

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They are like soap balls although not always circular. They can take all kinds of shapes depending on the bath bomb mold you use. DIY bath bombs add that muchneeded fizzy fun to your bath, topped up with exotic colors and fragrances that leave your bath tub looking like a beautiful mess.

I couldn’t help myself but just try making them and see if they really worked. Oh yes, It worked and from then on, I always pop one or two of them in my bath when I want to relax. That said, there are many ways to make DIY bath bombs. However, I always opt to stick with the most effective and affordable methods. Before we look at it, lets first look at the most common ingredients:

Baking Soda:

If you remember your elementary school chemistry, then understanding the role of baking soda in the bath explosion shouldn’t be a jargon. Also known as Sodium Bicarbonate, it fizzes when mixed with an acidic mixture by producing carbon dioxide.

Citric Acid:

Baking soda requires an acidic element with a really low pH if you are going to produce any explosions at all. So, citric acid is the best choice since it is affordable and accessible compared to other acidic substances. You dont want to be exploding along with the homemade bath bomb, which is why citric acid is the safest to use.

Essential oil:

You need this because it is the source of the good scent. You can choose the type of essential oil to put in, depending on how it benefits your skin. My personal favorite is Cinnamon and Cocoa. They make your skin smooth and moisturized. Alternatively, you can use your perfumed soap or your Spa shower gel.

Epsom salt:

It has many health benefits such as flushing toxins from the cells, relaxing the nerves and muscles and relieving muscle pain and crumps. Though not compulsory, you can be sure that you will have the most relaxed baths when you add this salt.

Corn starch:

From making facial scrubs to making finger paints, Corn starch always comes in handy every time. DIY bath bombs are also on the list of its practical crafts. Corn starch is the reason why these flashy scented balls are so thick and hard.

Coloring agent:

Unless you want your bath to look regular, you should use a food color or biodegradable glitters to add color to the bath bombs. Besides, it might just be the trick you need to get your fiveyear old child or even pet into that bath tub.

Coconut oil/water:

Citric acid does not react directly with baking soda hence it needs a wet surface. You can use either water or coconut oil. I prefer using coconut oil to make the mixing process easy while holding the particles together.

Now that you know what you need to get started, we can jump right into the making process.

Step 1: Mix the baking soda, Epsom salt and citric acid into a bowl. The ratio in which you mix them will depend on the number of bath bombs you want to come up with. If you want to make big and weighty bath bombs, use 12 cups of the dry ingredients. First put in a full cup of baking soda. Add half a cup of Citric acid then another full cup of corn starch. Use your hands or a whisk to mix them together. At this point is when you add Epsom salt if you have it.

Step 2: The next thing is to mix the coconut oil, essential oil and coloring agent in a different bowl. Note that adding too much food color might stain your bath tub.

Step 3: Pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture slowly as you whisk them. Dont wait till you finish pouring the whole of it into the dry mixture to start mixing them together to avoid forming clumps. If you want bath bombs with different colors, all you need to do is to separate the dry ingredients into different portions before adding the wet mixture with respective colors.

Step 4: Once all the wet and dry ingredients are blended, take some into your hand and squeeze them well to form a chunk which you can put into the plastic or metal bath bomb mold.

Step 5: Once in the bath bomb mold, you can let it dry for 24 hours or put into a freezer for 1 hour.

Once they are completely dry, use a spoon to knock it out of the mold kind of like how you break a boiled egg.

Well there you have it. Now your bath bombs are ready for testing. Dont give up if they dont turn out as expected for your first trial. Plus, they make awesome gifts when done well, so they are worth the try.


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