Crochet Kitchen Decorating Dyi Tips

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite and most easiest D.Y.I crafts for those with little sewing and or crocheting skills. Decorative Pot Holders

Crochet Kitchen Decorating Dyi Tips pot holder by

So let’s begin!

What you’ll need…
2 Pot Holders of any theme that you may have in your kitchen (example) Roosters , Sunflowers , Coffee Cups etc:
1 crochet hook size H (5.0)
1 ball of yarn (to match your potholder)
1 crochet needle

(FYI) You can purchase all items at dollar tree

crochet kitchen decorating dyi tips by

Using a Crochet hook ,
you want to take you pot holder and start to do a starting knot tie to one of the corners of the pot holder preforming a single crochet stitch around the pot holder until it meets the starting point. Repeat 3-4 times until you have created a pretty flap on your potholder when reaching each corner you’ll want to repeat your single crochet in the same whole or do a double crochet stitch , to tie up your work you’ll do a slip stitch knot tighten firmly. Slip tie knot your work at its end of your yarns end.

Using a crochet needle,
You’ll want to do the same steps as using a crochet needle start you stitch on one of the corners of the potholder and sow your way around enough times depending on size of potholder u til you have formed a flap , when reaching your first corner you’ll want to stitch in the same whole twice to make a full corner edge to tie up your finished work you’ll do a slip tie know cut the excess yarn on your end of your work.

Get creative and decorate your entire kitchen decor items such as kitchen towels to match your potholders.

Author Bio:
Mona Suarez aka. Monalisa is the owner and founder of besides enjoying publishing as a socialist on personal website, She also love to do D.Y.I crafts.

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