Creative Wine Racks and Wine Storage Ideas


People who have hobbies are particularly interesting to talk to because they have elaborate fantasies and plans that include an entire room in their future dream home dedicated to their passion. Bibliophiles have dreams of building their own libraries with leather armchairs, audiophiles and musicians dream of well-equipped home studios, and people who take their wines seriously do research on creative ways to store and display their wine collection. We’re here to help – here are several interesting ideas for building your own wine racks.

Upcycled records

For those who would like to display their passion for music and history as well as their excellent wines, a wine rack made of old vinyl records is the real deal. Of course, you can use records that are scratched or those you don’t need anymore and it won’t make any difference. All you need is a heat gun, epoxy, and clamps and you will have your funky dream rack on your wall. Use the heat gun to mold the records in a J-shape, let them cool, and mount them on the wall using epoxy and clamps. As delicate as vinyl records may seem, they are quite sturdy and will be able to hold full bottles without a problem. Make as many as you need: just a couple, a dozen, or enough to cover an entire wall; it’s up to you.


Pallet love

Pallets are the best because they are one of the most versatile materials in the world: they are very cheap, easy to upcycle, and convenient to transform into pretty much anything from bed frames to wine racks. You can easily make your own wine rack that can hold up to 25 wine bottles (stemware included too): with a circular saw, cut the pallet to a 32-inch height, but keep the width. The bottom of the pallet curves slightly and you can use this to make the rack more elegant. Keep three planks across the back of the rack and remove the rest with a crowbar, and make sure the top of the rack is clean and level because you can store more bottles on top. If you’re handy with a saw, you can add a glassware hanger, but if you want the focus to be on the bottles alone, this is optional.


A felt rack

People avoid getting felt racks because they can be rather expensive, but you can easily sew your own and create a lovely and unique rack for yourself. Make sure you use really thick felt, so your bottles are protected and add half an inch when making your basic pattern as seam allowance. For a simple 6-bottle felt rack, you need four pieces of felt, but this simple pattern can be upgraded, so that your rack can hold 9 or even a dozen bottles.


Rope and wood

For those who love minimalism, a rope and wood rack is the best choice. Simply use a spade drill to drill holes in your 2-feet board that are big enough for your manila rope. Make sure you weave the rope so there isn’t excess in the back, but that you leave it spacious enough for the base of the bottle to fit in. This is the perfect gift to take to your wine-loving friends because you can make the board big enough for five bottles to be displayed and you can even buy wines online as a gift and give it to them along with the rack you made yourself.


Not only are these wine racks and wine storage ideas easy to make, but you will have peace of mind knowing that your wines are safe and sound. What is more, a great wine rack will give your home character; it will always be a good conversation starter and also something nice to brag about to your friends and guests.

Marie Nieves

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