Crafts Monthly Contest

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Crafts Monthly Contest


  • Your craft entry should have an introduction, what inspire you to make it, and the instruction on how to make it (step by step) and lastly your biography(sample bio at the bottom).
  • Only 1 entry per game/contest.
  • Should have at-least 3 images/pictures of your craft.
  • It should be created by you and pictured by you. Not copied. (If found copied, you’ll be banned from the group, recognition will be stripped, and you’ll be force to return the price if ever won).

How to win?

  • Encourage your friends/relatives to vote for your entry and share it on their social media accounts like facebook, twitter, linkedin. The higher the number of votes the higher chances of winning. We’ll send you a link to share to your friends/relatives after approval.


  • Email me your entry during the first 7 days of the month at [email protected] and wait for approval in the next 2-3 days.


  • Share it to facebook, twitter, instagram, email etc.

Registration fees:

-Totally FREE to join


-US$50 / $50 gift certificate
-90% of paypal donation
-60% of website income(google adsense only) but max of US$500.00


Once your entry has been approved, you’re giving us the rights/license to published on our website without giving you back but acknowledgement or credits to your name.

Allowed Countries to join:



  • How many crafts should I submit?
    – 1 entry per contest/game.
  • How many winners per game?
    -Only the top voted, if there’s a tie, they will divide the rewards/prizes.
  • Can I copy some crafts from other sites?
  • Can I copy pictures/images from other sites?
  • Can I vote for multiple entries?
    -Yes you can
  • Are the tools used are included on a budget?
  • When is the end date for every monthly contest?
    -Every end of the month.
  • When is the winner announcement?
    -Every 1st week of the month
  • When will the give the prizes/rewards?
    -Every first 10 days of the month
  • Is there an age limit to join?
    -Everyone are welcome to join and its totally free.
  • Can I submit a craft that is resemble to private body part?
  • How many entries for the game to start?
    -If we received at-least 100 approved entries, then we’ll start, otherwise we have to wait.

Biography Sample

Jeffrey DIYCraftz
Hey there, friends! I’m Jeffrey. I’m a blogger at DIY Crafts. Thank you for joining me, as I share different aspects of my life. I’m so thrilled you stopped by! I love
to create a beautiful, thriving life around me and helping others to do the same. I love writing about nature, health, beauty, crafts and home décor related topics.


Please comment your suggestions below.


  • Quick question…..i seen harry potter wands made… long as i dont do one as someone else did does that apply or does evert part have to be an original? Thanks!
    Also everything has to be from dollar tree?

  • By copied do you mean only original pieces? I am out then lol I am not very creative.

  • nope. i meant on pictures. if your idea was from someone else but you created your craft, upgraded their craft, created a better craft, and pictured by you, then that’s okay.

    But if you copied their pictures, then that’s not okay as we’re going to publish the craft entry to this website(

  • as long as you dont do someone else did then its okay.

    “Also everything has to be from dollar tree?”
    -nope. you can use whatever you have but should be under the rules like “e.g. crafts under $20”

  • Will winners be based on number of votes/like?.
    Not everyone has a wide range of followers on Socmed.

  • Can I enter my chroshed pumpkin ino the contest

  • Sure, as long as it follows the mechanics/guidelines above.

  • Your crafts doesnt have to be DT related. We all accept crafts that follows our guidelines/mechanics above.

  • Do I put my pictures up on here? If not where do I put them?

  • Please send them to our email at [email protected]

  • Hi, yes I’m a member of the your FB group and i have been blocked. For no reason whatsoever i am beyond upset. Not only have I been curtious and polite to rhe group and everyone, but my posts kept getting deleted. I had spoken so an administrator, and they had fixed my posts from biend deleted. But now I post a simple picture of the Christmas items that were in the DT and i get blocked! I have screen shots of my post that was deleted and apparently got me blocked.

  • im definitely not getting “votes” because i dont even know where i get them lol. i dont use a site for votes. i guess im out 🙁

  • Where are the actual posts to vote on…

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