Crafting 101: What is DIY?

Crafting 101: What is DIY?

Crafting is one of the oldest form of hobby and its existence is written in the history. It was said that crafting was alongside with the wars, revolutions, and civilizations of the society. Mainly, it came from the desire of people to create things as a form of artistic expression. In today’s time, crafting is seen both as a hobby and as way to conserve the environment while saving money, and crafting has evolved into another concept: DIY.

DIY or do-it-yourself is the method of recycling materials and reinventing them into a new one in a creative manner. Anything that you see which needs to be repaired can be done in the form of DIY. Aside from this, the reuse of scrap materials and/or other materials that are just sitting at our homes can also be used for DIY projects. The world of DIY has a wide array and the ideas are limitless, that is why people, especially crafters and artists, find this hobby very engaging or even addicting.

Doing DIY projects can also range from the simplest ones up to the most complicated creations. With this, kids as young as the age of two or three can be taught of engaging to this hobby (of course, with the supervision of their parents!). There is no age restriction in this hobby because even older adults can share the same passion for creating. What they only need is to have creative minds, a lot of patience, and resourcefulness.

Crafters should also remember that DIY projects are not limited to the creative recycling of materials only. DIY can also mean drawing and painting stuff, inputting the creative juices flowing from their minds on paper and/or canvas, resulting into an impressive work of art. Anything that is created with the use of the crafter’s hands is DIY. Originality is also crucial in crafting DIY projects because this makes the creation stand out.

DIY is like a “stamp” of an artist’s self in the world of art. With DIY, people can express themselves creatively without filter – crafters have the freedom to choose on how their final output would come out. Even if there are instructions given for a certain project, they can still customize their creation by choosing a different color, increase or decrease the size, or add more details to the item.

Now that you know more about DIY, are you ready to take the challenge of creating? If yes, then welcome aboard and join us! Happy crafting!

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