Christmas DIY Crafts For Kids

Christmas time is a great chance to be creative and spend some quality time with your kids. You can help your children create Christmas handicraft using cheap items or even objects you already have at home. You can recycle items like old bottles and bottle caps, use pine cones from your garden and even be creative with pencil shavings. Can you believe it?

All you need is good mood and imagination and you don’t need to buy expensive materials.

Pine Cones With Pon Pon

For the first craft you need pine cones which you can find in your area and you need to buy a bag of pon pon.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy pon pon, you can use plasticine that your kids probably already have.


pine cone diy

pine cone ponpon diy

With these decorated pine cones you can enrich your Christmas tree.

Santa Claus With Plastic Bottle

For the next creation you are going to need an empty bottle of cola.

As you can see in the photos, you have to cut the plastic bottle in three pieces and remove the piece in the middle, then you join the two other pieces. Of course you have to do the cutting and then your kids can decorate it with cotton and draw Santa’s face with a marker.

You can fill the bottle with candy if you like.


santa diy bottle
santa christmas bottle diy

Christmas Tree With Pencil Shavings

When your kids sharpen a few color pencils, keep the pencil shavings for this creation.
With a liquid glue stick the pencil shavings one over the other. Then , you can make Christmas balls with a marker or other paint. I have used nail polish. You can add glitter for a shimmer effect. You can also use a little cotton to create snow.

alternative christmas tree pencil shavings christmas diyalternative christmas tree



Decorate Old Jars

Old jars of jam, mayonnaise, etc, can be used for your Christmas decoration.

After you have cleaned them, stick a little object like a bell or a plastic tree on the inner side of the lid. Then fill the jar with water and gold dust and here is your new Christmas decoration.




christmast jar diy
christmas in a jartree jar diyjar diy christmas

If you don’t add water, you can put paper creations inside.
tree in jar diy


Christmas Trees With Paper Rolls

There are so many things you can create with paper rolls, like Christmas crafts.

For this project you have to use ten pieces of paper rolls, cotton paper to wrap each roll and glue to stick the pieces together. At the end you can place a pon pon inside each hole and here is a little Christmas tree to decorate your kids’ room.

diy paper roll christmas


Christmas Tree Ornaments With Glitter Foam Paper

Foam paper is a very nice material for easy creations instead of using paper for more durability.
First of all, you can make Christmas tree ornaments with your family’s initials.

diy christmas star ehandmade christmas decor



You can cut the foam paper into strips to make Christmas balls.

diy christmas ball
glitter christmas balls



You can adjust some wire or cord on to hang your ornaments.
And you can even create bows for the Christmas gifts you are going to give your friends and family.

christmas flower


Are you going to try them?

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