Christmas Craft: Updating Faux Flower Arrangement For The Holiday

Last fall I received a small faux flower arrangement as a present, a bouquet of flowers in a glass.  It is a beautiful arrangement of peonies, hydrangea, and a variety of other botanicals.  The colors of the peonies vary from cream, to pink, to orange with a complement of green hydrangea and textures.  It comes in a small clear glass vase with acrylic water.  What I love about this arrangement is the variety of colors. If I turn and show the pink in the front it looks more like late spring and summer. I can imagine it adding to vignettes for multiple seasons. That’s my goal with most of my arrangements.   If I place the vase with the orange peony in the front, it looks like fall.




Although the arrangement is beautiful as it is, I wanted more texture.  I truly believe that adding texture to an arrangement or tablescape can totally change the look.  I first added dried white beans to the glass vase. I could have used any dried vegetable – corn, green peas, etc.  I had the white beans and it is neutral which I love.


I added dried white beans to vase


I wrapped jute around the glass vase  and tied it in front.  Simple but again it adds lots of texture and a rustic feel. Looks more country already.



I tied jute around the clear vase


I enjoyed this little arrangement in autumn vignettes with pumpkins.  Now it is December and I want to use it for the holidays.  Since the botanicals are affixed in the acrylic water, nothing can be removed.  But I don’t want to remove botanicals, I want to add more to create a holiday piece.  You can easily place single stem faux flowers, real greenery, feathers, and more by inserting them between the original botanicals.


Autumn Flowers with white beans and jute


I cut greenery from my yard and added it around the arrangement top and bottom.  It helps frame the fan shape and gives the arrangement a holiday feeling.  I added a white poinsettia as the center interest, a couple of red flowers, and a few white berry sprays.


Holiday vignette with added white poinsettia, red flowers, white berries, real greenery



Since the little glass vase needs more presence to balance with the added flowers, I placed it on a pink depression glass cake plate and added pastel Christmas ornaments with greenery at the bottom.




Holiday vignette bottom view


A green depression glass candle stick completes the vignette.


Holiday vignette


You can always add to the weight of a vase by making it part of a bigger element like the cake plate.


Holiday vignette




Happy Holidays!





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