Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Vase

Every season has a theme for me as a creative person. Winter is all about snuggling up with a warm craft project. Hats, scarves, and blankets abound. Spring, as a teacher, is stressful. With so many things to do before the end of the school year, lists and planning take over. Paper projects, decorative planning, and my Cricut all get a workout. Summer for our family is all about road trips and camping every weekend.

My projects get smaller and must fit in a bag to take along in the car. Fall is the season of cleaning up and getting ready for winter in my craft area. I spend time organizing, cleaning, and trying to finish up projects that have been laying around. I started this fall with over thirty unfinished knitting projects! I am now down to just six that I am finishing up.

Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Vase Craft Room
I have been slowly but surely cleaning, organizing, and decorating my craft area. This is a challenge because I have very little wall or storage space in my craft area. Two walls are giant windows, great for light, not so great for storage. The third wall is taken up mostly by an upright piano. The last wall is taken up by a large archway into our living room. NO WALL SPACE! Most of my crafting supplies are stored in bins on the floor or jars on the windowsills. One thing I have been looking for is a decorative way to store my knitting needle collection.

I have many friends that love thrift stores and garage sales. If they find old knitting, crochet, sewing, or crafting supplies, they often purchase for me. This means I have quite the collection of old, new, and funky knitting needles. I love them all, but most of the time they just live in a bin hidden away. I really wanted to display my collection!
Inspired by Pinterest , but limited by budget, I headed over to my local Dollar Tree for some supplies. For less than $10.00, I walked out with three glass vases and four packages of glass gems.

Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Vases Glue

Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Stone

Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Cost

Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Glasses

Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Items


Back home I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach each stone to the outside of the vases. Starting at the bottom, I stacked the rows up to give each vase its own look. I wanted to see the knitting needles through the glass, but I also wanted to have some character for the vases.

This project was so simple and easy! I really love how the final product turned out. The vases fit nicely on a windowsill, and I can see all of my wonderful old knitting needles every time I walk through the room. I think my knitting needles look great on display in my custom decorative vases!

Cheap Easy DIY Decorative Vase

Thanks for reading my cheap easy diy decorative vase and trying my super easy tutorial! I sure hope you enjoy this project as much as I did. When you create your own decorative vases, tag me, message me, let me know, I would love to see your projects! I would love to have you follow along with my adventures on the internet.

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