Candle Holders made of Yarn Wrapped Painted Jars


Setting that romantic mood in your dining room or bedroom sometimes can be daunting because of the candle holders you own. The candle holders in my house, for instance, were plain and sometimes instead of setting the mood when my husband came home, they just seemed flat.

And so I set out to search for the perfect candle holders to set the right mood. My search was booming as I found the easiest DIY on YouTube to make the yarn-wrapped painted jars that would create a chic look for candle holders. After I tried it, it turned so well that I wish I had done this earlier.

And guess what! It is super easy. These candle holders will help you set the mood right for a romantic dinner or just to spice up the bedroom.
Things you’ll need:

  • yarn,
  • empty jars made of glass; can be of different shapes and sizes,
  • spray paint,
  • glitters,
  • hot stick gun glue

The project of making the yarn candle holders was quite cheap for me as most of the items were just in the house.

  1. Take the empty glass jars from honey, jam, mayonnaise and peanut butter from your kitchen if you have them.
  2. To remove the stickers place the empty jars in warm water to help you remove the stickers.
  3. Buy a spray paint of your preferred color though white is recommended since it brightens up the room and is neutral
  4. Get a yarn from your local store, supermarket or buy it from online stores.
  5. If you have old newspapers and magazines, you can use them to protect the surface as you spray.
  6. Lastly, use the glue from your stationery items in the house. For different jars, use different colors for the glitter.


Once you use the spray paint, give the jar a few minutes to fully dry because if you touch them at their wet state, you will mess up the end product. When buying yarn, try finding a thick one as it leaves more space on the candle holder for the light to be seen. Also, when fixing the glitter, stick it to the yarn because as you untie the yarn on the jar, the glitter is left on the spaces and creates a ‘wow’ effect once the candle is in.


Step 1

Take the yarn about 70 cm long and apply glue on it. When still wet, take some glitter and sprinkle it all over the yarn. Give it five minutes to dry off

Step 2

Take another yarn without the glitter and an empty jar. The yarn without the glitter should be tied from the middle of the jar in any direction you want. Make sure it’s tight and has a crisscrossing, overlapping and haphazard motion of the yarn. This would be perfect as it will give the candle holder an amazing look.

Step 3

Take the yarn with the glitter and cut it into two. Then take the two pieces and tie one at the bottom and the other at the top. Make sure the side with the glitter is in the glass jar such that it will unwrap as a glitter sticker.

Step 4

Take the old newspapers and wrappers you have and create a painting area.

Step 5

Take the jars tied up with the yarns to the painting area and spray the jars with the white paint in the spray can. Spray it with two coats and make sure the paint is evenly spread. Give the jars time to dry before you untie the yarns completely.

Step 6

This is the last step where you untie the yarns on the empty jars. You can explore different ways of wrapping the jar either from the top to the bottom or all around. Try to explore different ways to create the effect and texture you prefer.


The jar is finally ready, and you can start testing the candle holder. You can also just roll the jar on the glitter to create a sparkling effect if you choose to. This can be used for festivities such as Christmas. You can also tie a ribbon to present it as a gift. Good luck with it and just have fun doing it.


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