Bullet journal – A DIY planner or just a journal?

Journals and planners are two popular items that most people get when the year is about to end, but lately, there has been a “trend” in the planner world that evolved and this is said to function both as a planner and a journal. Called the Bullet Journal, it was originally invented by Ryder Carroll, which serves as an all-in-one organization place for people who are busy, has a lot to remember, and somewhat disorganized. At the same time, the bullet journal can also be a diary for the user because its concept also accepts memory keeping. Basically, it is both a planner and a journal.

Bullet journal – A DIY planner or just a journal


Now, here’s the catch: Bullet journals do not speak of rules. Since it can be fully customized, the user will have the freedom to decide on how they like their bullet journal to look like. There is also no pressure in beautifying it, although there are loads of people online who share their gorgeous spreads and pages. It is really up to you how will you use it and what you would want to include inside it.

How to start a bullet journal

Bullet journal – A DIY planner or just a journal

It is easy to start a bullet journal. Your basic needs would be just a notebook (of any kind) and a pen, and you’re good to go! But if you want something fancy, you can use either a blank or a dotted (more preferred) notebook, together with fancy pens like calligraphy / brush pens, fineliners of different colors, and such. Aside from this, you can also customize and design your bullet journal with the use of washi tapes, stickers, pictures, ephemeras, and sticky notes, depending on your liking. You can also write down your favorite quotes / poems / jokes to help you get inspired.

Bullet journal – A DIY planner or just a journal


Bullet journal is also a great excuse for having to do some DIY everyday. Since it is obsessive, you will tend to go back everyday and update your bujo (the coined short-term for it) and experiment all over it. A bujo can also be used to plan your other DIY projects by writing and recording about them in it. See, it is a multitasker! It can act both as a planner and as a journal without having any worries at all! Bonus is, through this kind of journal, you can have the space to practice art, plan your next DIY projects while customizing your own planner / journal.

Sounds good? Grab a notebook and a pen now and start creating your own planner and journal to help you have a systematized and organized life!

PS. In the next articles, I will show you how to have a system that will work for you plus ideas to beautify and customize your bullet journal!

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